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Time Magazine's 100 Greatest/Influential Albums of All-time


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So according to TIME magazine, Elvis Presley was only influential after he died? Yeah…right.


And that's the problem with such lists....

and obviously they know that... but there should be a rule that you don't include posthumous collections and just include albums of all new material that made their impact during their time and after...

almost all of the GREAT '50s rock & roll pioneers made more influential singles than albums... and rarely, if ever made strong albums...

although some, like Little Richard released debuts with everything on them (LR's debut is the best of the early bunch)

Still, "Elvis Presley" MUST be included... and "Chuck Berry Is On Top" is almost as amazing as Little Richard's debut

other problems:

no Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon" or "Wish You Were Here"

no Buddy Holly

no Everly Brothers

no Roy Orbison

no Jerry Lee Lewis

no "Led Zeppelin II"

no "Meet The Beatles"

the Rolling Stones at least deserve another inclusion for Let It Bleed or Beggars Banquet

a Byrds inclusion would be nice (i would choose "Mr. Tambourine Man")

lame critics/biased inclusions:


PJ Harvey

Lucinda Williams

DJ Shadow

Stone Roses

none of these rate or deserve inclusion before the aforementioned names

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