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I don't know if any of you saw the Charlie Rose Show...

Eric Carmen

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Sorry guys, but I'm with Hollies on this one. I'm now at my fourth college earning my degree. I've attended multiple colleges because I took classes over several years plus I changed my major from computer science to writing, hence, all the extra classes. As Hollies stated, it doesn't matter how many colleges you go to, point is, is that you get your degree.

Another interesting phenomena regarding education -- the young woman who sits next to me in philosophy, well, she couldn't spell the word probably but she could certainly decipher premises and conclusions at the snap of her fingers, something which took me a number of hours to learn. So, to each his own.

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Hollies!...You get your old professor drunk and laid at the best frat parties...your grades go up a notch.

Whatever qualifications our boy had going into 2001, he FAILED almost every fiscal conservative, public relations, diplomacy and accountability test that was thrown at him in a difficult time. He has overseen the partial meltdown of effective capitalism. He has allowed the seeds of socialism to grow and actually look like legitimate alternative to this mess of an economy.

Now, all the once strong "free market" corporate symbols are lining up at the Gub-ment soup-line and begging for bailout money, and your useless Bush is sitting back and letting his Mob-like buddy, "Shifty" Paulson speak out of both sides of his mouth while adding 2-3 trillion to the National Debt!

Yes, Bush did help keep us from another "Terrrrrrrrist" Attack! However, with the budget he had to work with, I bet a monkey with an attitude could have done the same job!

Other than a couple of moral stances on social issues, and a couple of good choices to the Supreme Court, Bush ruined the Republican Party and made the fiscal conservative movement look like a the biggest bunch of hypocrits. If there was a way to THROW THE BUM IN JAIL for the rest of his life, just for making so many bad decisions, over and over, and not being able to communicate his case when he was in the right...well, I'd be OK with that.

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Thank you Tony. Bush is a moron. He is not interested in much of anything. He has a complete lack of intellectual curiosity and no passion for anything most of us can detect. He used Daddy's connections to avoid Vietnam and then got transferred to Alabama and went AWOL and still got an honorable discharge. Those are facts. He surrounded himself with neocons that have set this country back many years. He also ruined the GOP and we need good reliable conservatives like Barry Goldwater, etc. What will we remember W for? Kark Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney...amongst others. The tribe has spoken...."Its Time to Go"

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"He went AWOL" "Those are the facts".

See,I don't care if people hate Bush...Lack of leadership and abandonment of true conservative principles has hurt the Republican party. New leadership is coming...don't worry.

You state that Bush went AWOL, and that this is a fact. If you were a news anchor on a major network saying that kind of stuff...I predict you'd lose your job. Heh.

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Right-o Steve. But it's mandatory for idealogues to recite all the Lib talking points whether they are true or not...

Here's a thought:

One thing we should have re-learned from 8 years of Bush leadership - When you rely on "Gub-ment" to solve your big problems, you are going to be disappointed.

So what do we do? We elect Mr.(Hi, I'm Barack and my Big Gub-ment will fix everything!)Obama!

And the magic credit card limit and interest rate just keep goin' up...

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James Garner was a long time spokesperson for the beef industry. We all know which state produces the most beef. It's Texas!!!

Connect the dots and you will find that James Garner gained financially from the corrupt Bush meat policies while Bush was Gov. of TX.

Furthermore...Halliburton is headquartered in Houston.....so needless to say, James Garner and Halliburton, wait...I mean James Garner (Maverick) and Dick Cheney....are in bed together all because of Bush policies.......and the wonderful taste of beef.

"It's what's for dinner". eeklaugh

signed.......Keith Olbermann

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