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Okay...gee Marv..thanks so much I didn't know you cared! (just kidding)

The lyrics in this song do not apply to Marv..everyone. We have only met once (where was it Marv?) and I know he doesn't have blonde hair and blue eyes! This song is a gem. Its is from the sixties and is a very beautiful ballad sung by a group from New Jersey..(no not the Four Seasons)...I don't think anyone will know it unless they look it up on the internet..(now don't do that ....its cheating!)

"Just a breeze will muss your hair

But you smile away each little care

and if the rain should make you blue

You say tomorrow is anew

Blue be your eyes, blond your hair

you realize beyond a care

Life's in a hurry, but

You've got no worry, you're

so mystifyling glad



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I too know the lyric without Googling -and -The Critters also had the hit version of The Spoonful's "Younger Girl" (keeps rollin' across my mind).They also had a nice song that got a little play called "Don't Let The Rain Fall Down On Me".

How about guessing this lyric?

"That little chip of diamond on your hand,

Ain't a fortune baby but you know it stands for.. Ira.

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