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Thought I'd bring in a few lines from songs that have fascinated me or driven me half-crazy in the past and the present:

"...when you're old enough to repay, but young enough to sell."

"My life is brilliant. My love is pure. I saw an angel, of that I'm sure."

"Jewels and binoculars hang from the head of the mule."

Guess away. There are stories that go with each of these.

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In answer to the first question mark: "...when you're old enough to repay, but young enough to sell." is from "Tell Me Why" by Neil Young. For years I wondered what that meant, until I read an Neil Young interview in which he revealed that he didn't know either. (By that time, it was not one of his favorite compositions.) Still, it's a song that sounds pretty good.

Any takers on the other 2?

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Its a gem. I love that early Elton; "Take me to the Pilot" etc etc. Relatedly, I always thought Eric was as good as Elton or Billy Joel in a melodic sense, and arrangements, but those Elton and Joel brought into account a tremendous amount of diversity in terms of the lyrics. An incredible number of subjects, themes, etc. Taupin was brilliant. I always thought Eric needed to spread it out a bit lyrically. Consider more themes, issues, feelings. I hope when the Raspberries record again, he spreads it out a bit.

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Kathy - Congratulations on detecting #2. I agree with you on James Blunt's song. Now that it's got airplay on Adult Contemp radio, I suspect a lot of people will be like me shortly....can't get the song out of my head. I especially like the "false start" at the beginning. It's amazing how the line "My life is brilliant" can encompass so much. That song, and the album "Back to Bedlam" is one of the little gems of 2005. And no less of a critic than Elton John ranked "You're Beautiful" up there with "Your Song" as a potential future standard.

Now....how about them jewels and binoculars?

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