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Name that Tune


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Hey no fair! You've got to guess my song first before throwing a song my/our way.

Is "hey and by the way..did my package arrive?" part of the lyrics of the song? If it is, I have no idea the name of the song. If it's a question directed at me, then no, the package did not yet arrive.


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How about this one. "Now all that stands is a place dark and lonely..A terraced house in a mean street-back of town".-3 HINTS- (1) A double sided hit-the other side was bigger-but not better (opinion). (2) Marvin likes the writer of this song. (3) This lyric was always hard to understand so if it sounds familiar to you-take a stab.-Ira.

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I like this thread, even though I am not good at it.

I posted the following about 6 weeks ago but no one tried to guess, so I'll try again. It's not that difficult if you are familiar with the songwriter's work.

"Like an old familiar poem that still won't rhyme, I could get back to the place but not the time."

Anyone remember who wrote it and the song title? No googling, please, either ya know it or ya don't.

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