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Want to see what I Iook like? CONTEST WIN A CD!!!


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Since all, except Marvin, have (has?) of you have never seen my mug...here is a link...this is photo of my Quartet, "The Cavaliers".


Put the name in the right order from left to right:

Here are the names: Alan, Dan, Steve, Bahoo(Andy)

Here are the Parts: Baritone, Bass, Lead, Tenor

Place the right names in order , as well as the right parts for each person.

FIRST CORRECT ANSWER wins a POWER POP CD from my personnal collection that I am sure most of you do not own.(Except for Marvin)

MARVIN....you cannot PLAY because you know 1/4 of the answer already.

Good Luck!


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HA!....not right yet!!...You can only guess again if there are 3 guess postings between your first guess...

Here's a hint: I'm the guy wearing the black pants, tie and green shirt....for a better picture email me at both :

adore@doreliaison.com, macdore@videotron.ca

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Don't want to give anything away, but if you did your homework, many posts ago Andy mentioned that people have said that he looks like a cross between Andy Garcia and Paul McCartney (circa 1970). Maybe the picture doesn't give him credit, but he really does look like those two.


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