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Please Pray!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Just after I posted my thread in "Chat" I got a phone call from the hospital...my siser "sadiis" has been admitted so I DEFINATELY won't be in chat tonight and migraine or no migraine of mine is keeping me from being with my bestest friend my sister so please please guys say a lil something to help here come out of there!!

Luv you all,

*Vera* frown

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I just wanted to pop back in and let you all know how much we both deeply appreciate all of your kind thoughts and prayers! My sister is resting as comfortable as she can although because our hospital has on overflow problem right now she doesn't even have a room...she is up in the recovery area of our hospital's surgical daycare. She was pretty much out of it when I visited her tonight because they heavily medicate her to take away the pain she is experiencing. I will keep everyone updated when I know more. We both feel truly blessed to have been *accepted* onto this board which is truly a family, thank you!

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Bernie once again thank you from the bottom of both our hearts for accepting into this special family of Raspberries! It is Valorie and I who feel lucky...we have found a place that makes us laugh and forget what she is going through..we have made friends who challenge us and yet support us...we share the joys of all things Raspberries which of course is truly one of Valorie's favorite subjects! We got to participate in this AWESOME AUCTION and were *lucky* to come out with a couple of items. No Bernie, it is you and all of the wonderful people here that make us feel *lucky* to be a part of such a special community! You all truly will never know just what it has meant and what it does mean.

Luvs ya,


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