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Obama's desire to be president unnerves me some... I am reminded of that old chestnut from the Bible... you know, the guy named Jesus... who suggested it's better to seat your self in the lower seat and be called up to the higher than assume the higher and be asked to move aside for another...

I see Obama as having chosen... through his own ego and arrogance... the higher seat... and I suspect that his charisma outshone the Clinton's (surprisingly) and come November we will see him be asked to take the lower seat (in the Senate) rather than the higher (in the Oval office)...


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The journalists (CNN) are having a field day with the race (Obama) / gender (Palin) subject. Maybe you have to be a person of color or a female to understand the magnitude of what is really happening here.

Yep, either way... barring some major upset from a third party... history will be made. (Actually a third party win would be historic too... so history will me made!) laugh
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Palin shores up much of the conservative base who have been extremely concerned about McCain's record, save for defense. The cons are now jazzed by the ticket.

As Gov of Alaska, with a population pretty much the same as Biden's Delaware, Palin is the ONLY name on either ticket with Executive experience. Biden became a Senator when Palin was 8 yrs old..where's the change there. Sure her lack of experience rivals Obama's but it also trumps his "Change" theme. Her state borders our major energy trading partner Canada and virtually borders Russia via the Bering Straits. She's keenly aware of energy needs while embracing many "green" concerns.

No doubt you will see all sorts of photos of her hunting, fishing, flying her plane while balancing her career and family life while looking hot all the time.

This race just keeps getting better and better each day.

BTW who knew Tina Fay was a "GILF" and possibly "VPILF" come November?

wink John

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I read about Canada's possible upcoming election. I guess tomorrow's meeting between Prime Minister Harper and Stephane Dion will be the deciding factor.

What are your thoughts about PM Stephen Harper?

My thoughts on Sara Palin, I think she is a breath of fresh air. She also has a tad more political experience than Obama. She is used to signing and vetoing bills. Obama's experience is only voting for or against amendments in the Senate.

For me, she sealed the deal.

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They had a chance with Ross Perot, Harry, and laughed at him. It's funny to me that everything he said has taken place: the giant "sucking sound" of jobs going overseas due to NAFTA, which the Republicans supported and Clinton signed, so both parties are culpable with that.

So many other things about America being sold off bit by bit and so much more came true in a very short time.

He also said that our children and their children will eventually be paying almost 80% tax, and spending has gone crazy with the pork barrel projects.

Now people are promoting the flat tax, or fair tax, which isn't fair at all to anyone except the government. For those who hate welfare programs because they have to sweat to pay for them, the flat tax is just another way to redistribute wealth a la Karl Marx. People who work will be watching the government send a PRE-bate (not a RE-bate, but money even BEFORE the "poor" are taxed) to pay the taxes on everything they buy. Now, those people can go out and spend their pre-bates on vacations, then say "it didn't cover my taxes."

Those at poverty and below don't pay taxes anyway, so why are they getting in line in front of everyone else to benefit from a pre-bate while the rest of us are taxed to death everytime you want to buy a stick of gum. Even "essentials" will be taxed at 23-30% (with a higher than stated amount embedded in the system). People who complain that "everything is so high" will have an AUTOMATIC 30% tax EVERY TIME they buy something -- ANYTHING, so they're taxed all day long. That's the horrible gift that keeps on giving. At least with the income tax, you pay once a year. And when this tax doesn't begin to pay for Obama's Universal Health Care, it will go up. And we'll still have to pay all national taxes and payroll deductions. Who knows, they may even say "We thought we could do away with income tax, but we can't do it entirely."

In addition, anyone who saved their money or made some, loses because with the "fair" tax, consumption tax, the buying power of EVERY DOLLAR you saved is now decreased about 30%, because the fair tax automatically taxes it 30%.

Taken all together, these taxes will be the 80% tax Ross Perot talked about.

Ross was right. And this election is going to be extremely interesting from virtually every aspect.

smile --D

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It will come out that the guy she fired didn't do his job. Rumor has it that he shirked many duties, only one of which was firing the guy whom he didn't fire, who, by all accounts, was threatening and deserved to be fired.

Sarah Palin welcomed an investigation into the incident, and that's refreshing. I haven't heard of *any* officials lately welcoming an investigation. The last politician I can think of is John Edwards telling us that after his interview on the subject of Rielle Hunter, in which every statement he made was a lie or an evasion, he will not answer any questions on the subject ever again. Now that he's charging even $10K more for his "post-adultery" speeches, I notice that Elizabeth Edwards, who was supposed to be the main fare on his last engagement, didn't even show up.

As political scandals go, a firing in Alaska is pretty small potatoes. It doesn't approach Troopergate, Whitewater, all the "gates" the Clintons had, although I've even decided that Hillary is now much more qualified to lead than when Bill was President.

Even the Clintons' "gates" didn't come close to that very nasty BANKING SCANDAL that JOE BIDEN was involved in! It's funny that not ONE person or journalist on EITHER side has mentioned *that*! The name Biden is synonymous with "Banking Scandal," but people seem to have forgotten.

When Biden ran for President in 1988, it was discovered that he had stolen his speech and had to withdraw amid those charges. One politico called Biden a "serial plagiarizer!"

With these problems and terrorist William Ayers, Rev Wright and Louis Farrakhan, I don't see that ticket as either "change" nor even honesty.

I find Sarah Palin a refreshing change who will withstand attempted smears and come up smelling like a rose.

smile --D

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I'm not a fan of Harper and the Conservative party, but here in Western Canada and Alberta, the other dominant party, the Liberals have no hope in h***. The Liberals tend to fare much better in eastern Canada.

Palin is a bit too 'conservative' for my tastes, but having both her and Obama being considered for the high office is certainly long overdue.

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I definitely agree, Marv, that this is an historic election. Barack, Hillary and Sarah are making history, no doubt about it. In 1984 Geraldine Ferraro knocked at the door, but it wasn't in the stars for her. She's thrilled with the historic turn this race has taken. This election will go down in the history books and be read for a long time to come. And it's truly about time!

smile --Darlene

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