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OK, one point for the TTMM team and g****e.

Ray Davies is just starting a tour of the US in early March...and I have tickets for his show at the 930 Club on 3/20.....

Aside to Tony C. - So...if I've gotten this right, The Troggs and Kinks are for "elitists"...while, let's say, Eric Carmen or the Raspberries are mainstream???? Funny, I thought the former 2 bands (especially The Kinks) had more Top 40 singles over the years than Eric & our boys.....Oh well, there's no pleasing some people.

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OK, here's Tuesday's tune.....yet another elitist

set of lyrics to torture Tony C. with......

Hint: One of this artist's very best songs, but not one of their best known ones.....and they have MANY well-known ones, trust me.....

The boiler was filled with a lot of beer,

The devil himself was the engineer,

The passengers were mostly a motley crew,

Some were foreigners, and others he knew,

Rich men and broad-clothed beggars in rags,

Handsome young ladies and wicked old hags...

Name that tune....

Aside to Tommy T. - You now have more points than I did when you relinquished the reins of this thread.....ready to take it over again?

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OK, the FINAL STANDINGS for this particular segment of NAME THAT TUNE......

Tommy Tunes & co. - 8.5 points

AnneG - 2

Sterling - 2

Jump Man - 1

CubFanMike - .5

Nobody - 5.5

Tommy Tunes, you have won the right to once again take over this illustrious thread for the time being!!!!!!

I'm not going anywhere; I just need a bit of time off from running this thread. I expect to continue to participate....

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You're a beautiful man JohnO , stay in touch with yourself.

Ok kiddies we start tomorrow , rest up, get a good night's sleep ,keep Valentines Day celebrating mild as you'll need your energy, mind and love for better things - TUNES. By the way you'll find tomorrow's TUNE back at the scene of the crime - the "TOMMY'S Name That TUNE" thread.

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