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Hmmmm....I warned Mr. Tunes that these kinds of complaints would occur. I inherited this slot by identifying a bunch of his tunes which, frankly, also weren't known to most of the board members here.

Now...the reason I pulled out the old Hasil Adkins gem today ("She Said", also recorded by The Cramps as a B-side - the Haze played his last show at the Las Vegas Rockaround in Sept. 2004...he passed away in early '05)...was because my last 2 tunes were ID'd by AnneG in a matter of minutes.

Apparently, they should all be softballs? Hey, if that's what ya want, that should be what you get...BUT I suggest that someone more attuned to Top 40/mainstream (translation: less of a music geek than me) do it........do we have a volunteer to take over this thread? Anybody that wants it can have it, without the slightest hard feelings from me. I'd love to be spared the work of thinking up a new song every day. Thanks in advance - anyone who wants the thread....

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OK, it appears we have no takers for this lofty "position". Due to popular demand for an easier one today, try this......

Louie Louie, Oh no, I say, me gotta go.....NO, Forget THAT one, it's too easy......

How about -

I can't sleep nights, wishing you were here beside me.....NO, forget that one too!!!

The REAL tune for Monday -

Hint: The author of this song wrote it for a very well known artist, who first recorded it, but it went nowhere. It became a Top 40 hit about a year later for another singer/group..... Name this tune, as well as the original artist AND the artist who had the big hit with it.

Pushed my soul in a deep, dark hole and followed it in.

When I met myself crawlin' out as I was crawlin' in

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Sterling got it in a matter of minutes....and yes, Tommy, Jerry Lee Lewis is the first artist to record that song. Mickey Newbury (sp? - I've seen his name spelled several different ways) wrote it for The Killer, but his version stiffed.....as did Newbury's/Newberry's on his first LP as well. Rogers recorded it in '68, and it became his first big hit. Whatever happened to his chicken places? I always liked his chicken (marinated in some sort of a lemon/pepper seasoning), even if you did have to listen to "The Gambler" or "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town" if you ate your order on the premises.....

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OK, we have a complaint from the peanut gallery. While Sterling's post hit the thread first above, his time of 10:03AM was matched by that of the TTMM team's post. Therefore, I'm awarding points to all 3 of them.....in addition to a half-point for CubFanMike for his Cramps answer the day before (but no song name).

The standings:

Tommy Tunes - 3 (or 4 if I give him another point for the Jerry Lee Lewis answer)

AnneG - 2

Sterling -2

Marvin (in conjunction w/TT) - 2

Jump Man - 1

CubFanMike - .5

Nobody - 3

Anybody else want any points?

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OK, here's today's tune....although it would have been more appropriate to have done this one last Friday (hint).

Look up in the sky, up towards the north,

There are three new stars, brightly shining forth,

They're shining oh so bright from heaven above,

Gee, we're gonna miss you, everybody sends their love

Name that tune.....and the artist.

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I hear sounds in the background.....

dew,dew,dew,dew.........dew,dew,dew,dew (first two in each group of four is a higher pitch than the next two...).

Oh my gosh what I am hearing is The Twilight Zone soundtrack....this entire answer/clue is really getting bizarre!!!! This could have been another episode of Rod Serling's show.



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Give Tommy Tunes the point for this! The song was written the day after the Buddy Holly/R.Valens/Big Bopper plane crash by a DJ friend of Eddie Cochran's named Tommy Donoghue (sp?), AKA "Tommy Dee".

Cochran recorded the song the next day, but wasn't happy with his several takes. His version was finally released in the UK on a 45 in 1966 or 67. (The 14 months later clue above refers to the car crash in the UK which killed Eddie C. and crippled Gene Vincent in April 1960.)

In the meantime, Tommy Dee put out his own version of "Three Stars" - he narrated it, and Carol Kay (not to be confused with Wrecking Crew bassist Carol Kaye) and the Teen-Aires sang on it. It was a hit in April-May 1959, shortly after the plane crash.

Oh, and another clue - Eddie Cochran was scheduled to join the ill-fated tour, and may have died (but 14 months sooner), had he not been filming "Go Johnny Go" in Hollywood at the time.

Also...."Three Stars" is not to be confused with "Three Steps To Heaven", Eddie C.'s single that had just been released when he died. I remember reading somewhere that his tribute to Holly/Valens/etc. was in the charts when he was killed. Tain't so........

For the younger board members - Cochran's better known for "Summertime Blues", "Somethin' Else", and "Come On Everybody". These 3 tunes have probably been covered hundreds of times over the years.

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