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Score a point for Marvin & Tommy. Unfortunately, Michael J. Fox also sang that song during that flick.

Your T-E-A-M comment reminds me of an Albert Belle story, from his Cleveland Indians days. Rumor had it the manager (Hargrove, maybe?) once gave Albert the old lecture about there being no "i" in "team", when Mr. Belle allegedly replied - "Yeah, but there's an M and an E!"

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OK, here's an old semi-hit single that was recently used in a movie starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst.....which should be enough of a clue, I'm guessing. I'm just going to toss out the spoken intro -

A preachment, dear friend, you're about to receive,

On John Barleycorn, nicotine, and the temptations of Eve

(Raspberry sound - the kind when you stick out your tongue and make a rude noise, NOT the band we all know and love....)

Name that tune...

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Correct...score one for AnneG. "Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)", perhaps one of the silliest songs or 45s of all time, was the only Top 40 hit for the Memphis-based Hombres, who also put out an LP ('66 or '67, maybe?) named after that song. I'm not sure what happened to the members of this band, and I'm also not sure that I care.....

Next tune tomorrow, Saturday......

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Actually, if anyone's really interested in The Hombres (not likely), they started out backing Ronnie of Ronnie & The Daytonas fame when he played live, and their keyboard player/singer was the brother of one of the Box Tops. Their one hit single was actually on a decent-sized label (Verve), and they were produced by Huey B. Meaux, who produced a lot of Louisiana/Texas artists in the 60's (early Doug Sahm, for one example).

A friend of mine actually had a copy of their only LP....it wasn't very good. "Let It Out" was kind of an imitation Dylan tune (not unlike Mouse & The Traps' "A Public Execution".)

Kudos to the producers of "Elizabethtown" for unearthing this old gem. When I heard it in the movie, it was kinda like the jolt I received at the start of the flick "High Fidelity", when they play the 13th Floor Elevators' garage classic "You're Gonna Miss Me." You just don't expect to hear great trash like this anymore!

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OK, for Saturday's NAME THAT TUNE, we have another old Top 40 hit, although I don't believe it went very high on the Billboard charts....definitely a minor hit for this particular artist -

I don't want nobody to get me nothing,

Open up the door, I'll get it myself

Name that tune......

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AnneG wins again!....and sorry for the seeming lack of lyrics, but there ain't no more! The name of the 45 was "I Don't Want Nobody To Get Me Nothing (Open Up The Door, I'll Get It Myself), Part I", with Part II on the B-side.

The lyrics consist of the title over and over and over and over....again. (As they would have said on the rating on American Bandstand, "Not much in the way of lyrics, but you can really dance to it! I'd give it an 85."

It's quite possibly the longest name for a single ever. I still have this 45 on the King label, credited to James Brown and the Famous Flames...and the title takes up practically the entire label.

These last 2 songs have been identified (both by AnneG) quickly....I'll try for a tougher one tomorrow....maybe an LP cut of some sort, as opposed to a top 40 hit.

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OK, since everyone (well, at least CubFanMike) is clamoring for the standings, here they are:

AnneG - 2

Tommy Tunes - 2 (I'm giving him a whole point for the "Light Of Day" joint venture guess with Marvin, since he PM'd me first on the Tattoo song earlier before anyone else guessed it)

Jump Man - 1

Sterling - 1

Marvin - 1 (I'll give him a whole point, even if Tommy Tunes in the one who posted it)

Nobody guessed - 3

Stay tuned for Sunday's tune....it's coming up shortly.....

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OK, this one will either be an easy slam dunk for someone (assuming we have other crackpot eccentrics like myself on the board....and I'm confident we have several), or no one will get it. These lyrics are my interpretation, and may not be accurate, due to the inebriation of the artist when this was recorded...

I went out last night and I got messed up,

When I woke up this morning,

You shoulda seen what I had in the bed with me,

She comes up at me outta the bed,

Pull her hair down her eye,

Looks to me like a dying can of that commodity meat

Guess this "tune".........and if you REALLY know this one, and don't google it (and good luck on that!).....what the f*** are you doing on an Eric C/Raspberries board????

Also, I'm looking for the original artiste here, not the perhaps better known cover......

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