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Well, it appears I inherited this duty from Mr. Tunes. Had I known that the grand prize for winning the last NTT competition had been this, I doubt I would have responded that much....oh well.......

A little bit about me first.....Without disclosing my age, just let me say that the first record I ever got was a single of Elvis' "Love Me Tender" - when it came out. My parents, whom I have since realized were very cool back then, encouraged me to listen to the radio. I remember hearing Buddy Holly, the Everly Bros., and the likes of Eddie Cochran and Genbe Vincent on the radio. Beatlemania was running rampant in the US while I was in my early teens (a GREAT time to grow up!). As I lived in a neighborhood (suburb of DC) that was integrated from the very early 60's, I also learned about R&B/soul music at a young age as well.

One of my part-time hobbies/jobs now is doing record/CD/film/book reviews and interviews with musicians and show biz folks. For the past 7-8 years, I've been writing exclusively for Brutarian magazine, which is available from coast to coast in most Tower Records (and other, shall we say, discriminating book stores). We generally sell 4-5,000 copies per issue, and publish 4 times a year. (Latest issue, #45, has my interview with actress/film producer/ex-girlfriend of Andy Kaufman, Lynne Margulies - who was played by Courtney Love in "Man On The Moon"). (NOTE to Tommy T. - Ask about my Dictators interview from 2000....)

As a result, I get tons of free CDs to listen to and review. This, plus the fact that my musical tastes run the gamut from power pop to trailer park trash roots/rock to soul to reggae to blues to jazz, means that my selections for the NAME THAT TUNE topic will be all over the place. This isn't going to be just "mainstream" or just alternative/obscure music. Don't expect to see softballs like lyrics from "Satisfaction" or "Saturday In The Park" from moi.

That said and done.....here's the TUNE for today. Hint: I'm almost positive this song has never come out on CD.

Yer sox are up and yer pants are tight

Yer hair's fluffed up and you look all right

Yer ten is hung and yer song is sung

Yer curl is shot and fresh you're not

Yer moves are all gone

Yer close friends are all pawns

Brother yer day has just dawned

Lord how you make me yawn, yawn

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Yep, "Send A Ship" is another W. Bryson song. Based on interviews, I don't think Wally likes the LP....but someone should release it on CD. It's a part of Raspberries/Choir history....even if the song I picked this morning was a rather nasty one by WB. I believe this LP has the only version of "It's Cold Outside" with the extra verse that Dan K. (also in Tattoo) wrote.

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"See if you can name the song that has these lyrics... Oh, and the song has never been released..."

Tony - Ever hear of record albums? They're black (except for picture disks and limited edition releases on colored vinyl) and made of vinyl/plastic, and they preceded compact disks (CDs) by a lot of years...and there are still quite a few of them that haven't been released yet on CD. For example, see the post on Artful Dodger, whose 3rd and 4th LPs still haven't come out on CD yet. Another example is Tattoo's LP. However, they have been "released"!

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Giving credit where credit's due, I must confess that a certain individual who may or may not have previously run the NAME THAT TUNE topic, PM'd me this morning with the correct answer first....BUT no points unless you post it within the topic.

I honestly thought there would be enough Raspberries completists out there, that someone would ID this one fairly quickly this morning. After Tony C's post above, though, I have to wonder.....do many of us still actually listen to records anymore? Real records I mean, the vinyl with the holes (big ones for 45s, little ones for albums), not CDs....Call me old-fashioned, call me over the hill, but vinyl (sans pops and scratches, of course) still sounds better than CDs to me. Try playing some old 50's R&R like, say, Bo Diddley....the CDs sound shrill and tinny, with little mid-range.

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Regretably. the songs on "Tatoo" are horrible. Even their version of "It's Cold Outside" is rotten. And I love these guys. Just a bad place in time. Wally was angry. The other lead singer, something Thomas, was good. Just poorly produced music. Oh well, it was a learning experience for everyone. Loves the lyrics to "Yer Stale" because they came from the heart, just not a good song.

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Welcome to Saturday's NAME THAT TUNE. A couple of hints for this one - (1) It obviously wasn't written during the Summer of Love; and (2) while it's been a favorite album cut of mine for awhile, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Little Steven plugging it on one of his shows.

Without further ado...one of my favorite songwriter's take on how and why people are still having sex or "doing it". (Chorus left out; 2 verses are below):

They do it for strangers,

They do it for fun,

They do it every which way that's under the sun,

They do it in carpools,

They do it in teams,

They do it to the farthest extremes.

But (chorus)

3rd verse -

They do it for business,

They do it for art,

They do it for positions on the Billboard chart,

They do it for boredom,

They do it for kicks,

They do it just to get a new fix

But (chorus)

Name that tune and artist......

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I know first hand how grueling it can be waiting for an answer. Since you were a great contestant I 'll try to return the favor. Hopefully I can put you out of your misery. I wish I was sure but the truth be told this is just a guess based more off you hint than the lyrics themselves. Well here goes:

(This Ain't) The Summer Of Love / Blue Oyster Cult


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Tommy - Nope. This one may be a bit too esoteric for this list, but I'm hoping there's someone out there who's heard it on Little Steven's Underground Garage.

Another hint: The artist used to be in a band that changed their sound radically after he left, and took a power-pop/Merseybeat direction.

Another hint: This same former band has been covered by The Rubinoos.

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OK , I'll keep this one open until MIdnight or so....and here's yet another clue:

I'm getting ready to leave to go to the 9:30 Club in Wash, DC, to see Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices tonight. Playing in Robert's band is Tommy Keene, who I've known since the early 80's, when he was in The Razz. Tommy K. has also covered a song by today's artist's former band....and the same one the Rubinoos covered.

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Ok, I'll assume no one guessed this - it was "Nobody Does It", by Roy Loney & The Longshots, from their 2004 CD, "Drunkard In The Think Tank". Roy was the original singer for the Flamin' Groovies, who put out their power pop classic "Shake Some Action" after Roy flew the coop. (The title track of which has been covered by The Rubinoos, Tommy Keene, and many others.) Sunday's tune will be easier, I promise.

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Today's tune is actually 2 songs, with a bonus 3rd part thrown in.

(1) Name this tune, and the original artist (as it's been covered several times)-

The judge looked down at me and said

For getting smart Boy, I'm gonna give you

More than a lifetime

(2) Name this tune....for the mainstreamers here, this made the Top 40 -

Paranoia strikes deep,

Into your life it will creep

(3) For a bonus point, let's see if anyone can explain the relationship (and there is one) between these 2 tunes.

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I see your wit and sense of humor equal your knowledge of music. Don't let it get you down. It's not you. By the way the lyricas to song one, although unfamiliar, are quite good and I am curious to see the answer. Although your choices for TUNES are not easy your site is quite informative. Keep up the good work.

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