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Soft AC experts vs Alt experts(contest)

Carmen Smalley

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Those are not styles of music insofar as they are Tags/labels made up by music journalists who think they're being clever....

Shoegazers (and dream pop) are basically straight-ahead Rock bands by nature with either a fetish for noise/drone (i.e. My Bloody Valentine) or drawn-out dynamics (i.e. Adorable, Ride, Catherine Wheel) or ethereal soundscapes (i.e. Cocteau Twins). The Stone Roses were a rock/pop band who dabbled in psychedelia, neo-folk, and techno.

Electroclash means absolutely nothing, except that it's supposed to mean all the new crop of indie bands who are making "alternative" techno, electronica and synth based rock which all boils down to that it sounds like new wave/synth pop a la 1978-85 that was inspired by Brian Eno, Roxy Music, Kraftwerk, Bowie, Neu--so you have Le Tigre, Fischer Spooner, The Faint etc. making modern retro/new wave music....

I have no idea what anyone means when they say post-rock, except that it makes them sound like an idiot...maybe it's nu-metal like Tool & System Of A Down or nu-post punk like The Rapture, The Walkmen, Modest Mouse etc...

Americana basically sounds like what it's supposed to be which is American singer songwriters/bands with roots to Neil Young, Byrds, Gram Parsons--Mainly it's folk-rock or country-rock... another stupid tag that's useless....

I HOPE that most fans of soft adult contemporary pop music (which is soft pop for an easier generalization) know nothing about these labels and just go, "Oh, that's alternative music or new wave" when they hear it. That will save everyone a lot of time and useless dribble... and be more concise & accurate than the aforementioned labels given by carmensmalley, which helps no one and makes things more confusing....

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As IÂ¥m more intelligent than clever(wich sometimes is not good)IÂ¥ll say people uses "labels" to name a stylethat maybe could be "uncool"(they use labels as euphemisms)ie Post-Rock instead of Prog Punk SSunshine Pop instead of Soft AC,Dance instead of Disco,etc.They create a new label until they "forbid" it.Then when people have forgotten that style they release it again under a new "label".

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Hawkwind..They are real good to me.Crazy psychedelic hippies from the 70¥s, 80¥s, 90¥s and 00¥s (I hope!).If you like Ufology,abductions,Space,Starships,Rock¥n¥Roll(almost Punk Rock)and quiet Cosmic music then you¥ll love them!And also all that English and Belgian 90¥s psychedelic Festival bands who inspired by them!-They are into Stoner Rock,Metal and Hardcore prog now!Wich is very good too.and in case you know Hawkwind.Do you imagine them playing at the Superbowl and Stacia showing her "eyes"?(Ah.I prefer Dave Bock to Robert Calvert).

Neu! There are two different kinds of Kraut Rock bands.The most political oriented(Amon Duul II,Brainticket,Embryo-I love Amon Duul II and Brainticket-)and the most experimental oriented(/Can,Neu!,Faust,LA Dulserdorf,Kraftwerk)..I like first album by Neu! although they are VERY repetitive(They only use one chord and an eternal 4X4 rythm).Some musical repetition can induce me to aural pleasure,but if I listen to Neu! and Neu!2 one after the other is very painful to me.Although if you add pop tunes to Neu!¥s background the thing could be totally pleasurable.Imagine a band with Neu¥s background and then add violins a la Honeybus,piano a la Eric Carmen,Harpsichord a la Left Banke,guitars a la David Gilmour and Carole from Brainticket,Renate from Amon Duul II and Nico from Velvet as the lead singers in a totally different way of Stereolab... mmm.My blood starts to stir due to the aural pleasure...

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I don't know - the sound of 'shoegazer' music sounds kind of interesting - although I have to say I've never heard the term before. All computer geeks probably would love that type of music - most of them are so painfully shy that this type of music really describes them.

Wow. Do I ever feel old. All I remember were the good old days of punk, rock, pop, country, and techno. Ah, who would have thought I'd be yearning for the good old '80s?

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