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Lew Bundles said:

I made a vow to get married at WAB and damn it, that's happening...

Then Lew said:

I dont want them singing "I'm A Lewser"...

...uh...buddy...uh...it's probably too late to be worried about that....but we love ya anyway...heehee

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Actually, in 10th grade typing class I was the only boy that took it seriously. I got my name on top of the typing class Christmas tree for being the fastest typer in the class... the class rank in order was:

1. James smart

2. All Girls

3. All Boys

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  • 2 months later...

I apologize...I had to wait till the shots of Drysack kicked in before I could force her into the car...By, the way, Miss Aggiesjc...You are talking a very rude game on this board...Quite a different story from the other night when you were yelling "Finish me off Big Boy" and you were the first one in line for the Lew numbered bracelet giveaway...

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