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I really would like to now the people that voted "No" in the poll..Anytime that DianeD gets a chance to marry a guy that has an endorsement deal all sewed up, she should jump at the opportunity...That's right, I said endorsement deal...I got a call today from Pillsbury...

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Let's see...do I make a smarta** remark about dough "boy" or dough "nuts"...decisions...decisions...heehee

BTW...I voted YES...I don't understand Diane's resistance. How can she say no to a man that came up with this playlist:

Kathy, you have to get Eric to sing at the wedding...Setlist

I Was Born TO Love Lew...Wedding Song

Go All The Way...(At the honeymoon)

I'm Through With Lew...(Divorce)

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Lew Bundles said:

Duane...That was beautiful...I am actually crying...Since you see the merits of Lew, will you stand in if she fails to come to her senses?

Lew, buddy...what are you saying??!! As flattering as that sounds.....I'm DUANE...not DIANE...looks close on paper...BIG difference in reality. Dude...I'm a dude. Do you play for both teams? (not that there's anything wrong with that)

BTW...your playlist has inspired me to find more songs for the special WAB marriage ceremony for you and Diane (or apparently...anybody that will say yes). Here's a start:

Precious And Lew

Lew And Far Between

Lew Are You

Lew Do You Love

Lew Loves Ya Baby

Lew's Cheatin' Lew

Lew's Your Daddy

Lew Let The Dogs Out (don't want to play this one)

Lew Can It Be Now (another honeymoon song)

Lew Am I

Lew's That Lady (???)

Lew Says You Can't Go Home

That's a start...we've got till August to come up with a full list.

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