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Tommy, in response to your pm because your box is full, Pat called me and said he was tired of the arguing here. Period. He is a gentle soul and was bothered by it, more than some of us. He doesn't know if he will be back.

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I had a long talk with Pat today, and he expressed the same thoughts to me. Lisa you are right on the mark in calling Pat "a gentle soul." He's been a wonderful friend to me during the 10 years I've been on this Message Board, and his musical knowledge and hockey knowledge are revelations to me.

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I too spoke on the phone with Pat today. He said the same to me mentioning how some of the female (as opposed to lady) posters on this board had sent him some pretty nasty PMs re his friendship with peanut. He is very sensitive and he and peanut should not be attacked by jealous women. I say jealous because the women sending these hurtful PMs , although not mentioned by name (I do not know who you are) are apparently not as attractive as peanut, but then again few women are. What other reason could they have for their vicious attacks?(I never cease to be amazed by the jealousy of females towards their own kind and the lengths they will go to driven by said jealousy.)

Pat is sensitive, a friend, and a true gentleman. Lisa is a nut but she's a good nut. She's also new around here and should be welcomed with open arms. I find no reason why either should be attacked by a couple of nasty and jealous posters. I strongly recommend you PM both Pat and Peanut with your apologies and if you must pick on someone pick on me. I know how to handle jealous women. I'll go clear out some room in my PM box for your ugly comments.

PS I wonder if it's that Las Vegas "chick" that's been riding me all night.

PSS Since Lisa, Marvin and I all had similar experiences today does that make for some kind of "threesome"?

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Good morning all... I think this tread went in the way wrong direction! I can also see why people would want to drop off this board... much as I enjoy everyone!

That was sweet of you Tim to come to my defense... you are a true gentleman! ( cool in addition to being a hot guy).

You were right about me "giving grief" to TT about posting that video so many times. In hindsight, I just should have ignored the fact that he posted Marvin's video so many times! It really was funny the first few times, but by the third posting, I figured he didn't know "when to fold them" as Kenny Rogers said.

But, I do think it's quite dangerous, and not funny at all, when anyone makes an "assumption" or any kind of statement of wrong doing on another person's part.

I haven't talked or PM'd Blackhawk Pat, but I do miss his conversation. He's a bright, caring person as I can see from what he's offered here on this board. He was Peanut's friend and advisor during a difficult period, and he's been such a positive force for us all. I hope he'll reconsider and comeback.

To loose that kind of cyber friendship is a "real" loss.

The best part of TT's post was "I wonder if it's that Las Vegas "chick" that's been riding me all night." He called me a "chick"... for that he gets points!

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Everyone here has their own quirks and style and that keeps everything interesting and "alive".

One of my favorite things about this board is the wide range of opinions and beliefs.

As hollies posted,it is a friendly board--- with support and humor and straight-talk.

Do come back Pat.

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Originally posted by TOMMY TUNES:

PS I wonder if it's that Las Vegas "chick" that's been riding me all night.

Tommy, Barbara was only giving you grief about the incessant posting of the Ad Hoc video. angry

Have a nice day all! happy


dOESN'T THE BIBLE SAY SOMETHING LIKE 'God bless the peacemakers..."

I say God bless Tim From Wisconsin, A GOOD MAN

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btw i CHECKED MY pm BOX AND FOUND ONLY ONE POST and it was one of support from the lovely Wendyworld. As she is very attractive I hope she doesn't find herself the target of attack from the same 2 witches that attacked peanut8 and Blackhawkpat. I call them witches but perhaps I should call them chickens as they haven't faced me. I am willing to put it to rest ans long as the chicken-witches leave my friends peanut and Blackhawkpat alone.

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The disagreements ebb and flow everywhere. Things can get pretty heated back and forth but I remember when things were even worse and Bernie had to referee. I haven't seen any of that lately.

It's a stressful time for everyone, both in our personal lives and in the world at large. If our personal lives are going smoothly (which isn't a given, considering things that happen to all of us), then the news is lugubrious and threatening.

Add a presidential election and blame being thrown around about the financial crisis and you have a pretty volatile recipe.

That said, we're all friends here and we snipe and then apologize, much like in a marriage. We have a beautiful bond with our love of the music cementing it, and we're all spirited and intelligent people.

I don't send any PMs unless their upbuilding, appreciative or inspirational. Anything else can be said in general and disagreed with and I'll get my comeuppance, and I usually do. :-)

I hope Pat comes back because he is one of the most gentle, kind and upbuilding people we have here, and I miss him dearly. He's also very musically intelligent and has fine musical taste.

I hope you'll forgive us our sniping, Pat. You know us all too well, and I hope well enough to know we don't mean it really.

smile --Love, Darlene

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Thanks to all my dear friends who either wrote me on myspace or called me on the phone. I really didn't want to turn my leaving into all this. I don't believe in announcing that you are leaving, as silence makes more of an impact, at least to me.

Without making it a whole thing, if I could just clarify that I have no problem with people arguing about music, sports, politics, or religion....our right to do that is what makes this country (and this board) great. What I do have issue with is when it becomes personal. When people start phoning me and leaving anonymous/blocked number messages and think they can tell me who I should be friends with. As I told one dear friend here, I would have stayed married if I wanted someone to do that!

I was angry about the way a new poster was treated here (still am). Someone I hold dear to my heart. When I was a kid, nothing would have made me happier than to have the world uncover the music of Raspberries. I did everything I could to try and turn people on to the band and could never understand why people didn't love their music the way I did (still don't, but that's for another time). Then, I had the same heartfelt enthusiasm for Eric's solo music. All I wanted was to have everyone get the opportunity to listen to this great music.

I have stated many times that while the Beatles were the reason I became a musician, Eric Carmen was the reason I played the piano. Eric made playing the piano cool to me.

Now, thirty some odd years later, I'm still trying to turn people on to that very same music and people are attacking others for trying to become part of our little world here? Verbal attacks are making people that want to be fans, not be fans! Unbelievable! So, I chose to leave.

It had nothing to do with debating. It had everything to do with attacking.

I wasn't cutting all my friends out of my life, as someone asked. They could certainly find me on myspace or on the telephone (and they did). Pardon me for not naming names, as there are so many wonderful friends on here, that if I started naming individuals, I'd be afraid I'd miss one, and that wouldn't be right. You know who you are!

As far as naming names about the verbal attacks I got here, on the phone, and on myspace, I have heard "who, who, who?" so much, I am beginning to think I have an owl in my backyard! It's not gonna happen. I don't play like that. You have yourselves to know that you may have chased away some potential fans for the band or Eric, the very reason we all celebrate and congregate here every day!

My time away has been great, though I missed the daily postings and people. I have been writing songs like crazy and I'm very excited (more than ever) to get the new songs out.

I was told on the phone that another poster left the other day and that makes me sad. We have lost so many great people here over the years when this base should be growing by the thousands, not shrinking.

So, without trumpeting a return, just as I slipped into the night, I'm slipping back into day.

As one great songwriter once penned "there's no hard feelings, cos there isn't anyone to blame."

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