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Wayne Cochran


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Wayne Cochran came into TGI Friday's today where

my youngest son works.

Wayne was very gregarious, introduced himself to all the staff,

but thought everyone should know him.

I think I have seen photo's of him

with big hair but that is all I remember about him.

Was he very popular? Any hit records?

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Wayne C. & The CC Riders were big in the South in the early-to-mid 60's, kinda like a white James Brown. I think he wrote and recorded the first version of "Last Kiss", which became a big hit a couple of years later for Frank Wilson....a classic death/car crash song (the one that goes "Where oh where can my baby be?, the Lord took her away from me......etc."). I got a compilation CD last year of his material, and it was as bad as I remember...although his live act was quite exciting (I recall seeing him on shows like Shindig & Hullaballoo)....

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Marv - Yeah, and I believe that song, allegedly first recorded by Ma Rainey (as "See See Rider Blues", in the mid-20's), has probably been covered about a hundred times.....Ryder's was pretty much based on Chuck Willis' version from the 50s ("CCR", NOT "Jenny Jenny," the Little Richard song)....as was Elvis'.

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"I thought he did an amazing job defending O.J. Simpson. Damn! Who would have ever thought that anyone could have gotten that murderer off the hook! I tell ya....Oops...that was JOHNNIE Cochran."

Yeah, he also did a Hellava job catching for the old Philadelphia A's and Detroit Tiger....oh, sorry, that's Mickey Cochrane......

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