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Wanna hear a killer Christian pop song?

Tony Cartmill

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Great lead vocal, full church choir harmonies, talented backup band, and a great melody...It almost makes a heathen like me want to go to church every Sunday when I hear this recording.

Go to:


And click on "Made Me Glad", and turn it up. close your eyes...let me know what you think.

I hope the address comes out as a link...

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There's a shocker...I'm sure Carmen hisses and pulls her cape over her face when shown a cross also eek

I go for the music and melody first, the words second. Sometimes I cringe if the word Jesus is put into the wrong phrasing in a lyric. It's a hard word to put in a lyric without interrupting the flow and sounding like a southern preacher. "The Lord" works better.

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One of my cousins in NY who shares my love of country music told me about the demise of the last country station up there. She now has to get her country fix via the Internet.

As far as Christian music, I like rocking out to the Newsboys.

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DougJack? Religon bigot? Come on! Us guys are supposed to go for the music and melody and musicianship first...Worry about the message later. How else could songs with stupid lyrics like "Good Morning Starshine", "Bette Davis Eyes" and "What I Am" have become hits? Good music, barfable lyrics crazy

At least Christian music has a positive message in the lyrics...

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