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Hey look, I'm a "genius!" :-)


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Got endorsement deals? Matt does

BY Bill Reader, Seattle Times assistant sports editor

The Seattle Times / January 29, 2006

Drink milk, be a Super Bowl quarterback. Or is it the other way around?

In what has become a Super Bowl tradition, quarterbacks Matt Hasselbeck and Ben Roethlisberger will be wearing milk mustaches as part of the popular "Got Milk?" ad campaign. Hasselbeck was photographed Wednesday at the Seahawks' facility in Kirkland.

Of course, everyone who's anyone has been in a "Got Milk?" ad.

In the mid-1990s, milk consumption was down and a New York ad agency was hired to do something about it. The result is one of the most successful campaigns ever. (Legend has it, the first idea was to place photos of cows upside down on the page. It's probably a good thing they went with Plan B, photographing famous people with milk mustaches.)

The ads have inspired so many "Got (fill in the blank)?" jokes that the top 100 have been compiled as a poster sold on www.gotmilk.com. Got conflict? Got tickets? Got options? Got the munchies? (By the way, you can also buy "Got Milk?" hats, mugs and baby clothes on the site. These guys don't miss a trick.)

If there's not enough for you on the official site, you can also check out the www.whymilk.com site, or you could read "The Milk Mustache Book: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at America's Favorite Advertising Campaign," by Bernie Hogya, one of the geniuses behind "Got Milk?"

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So if Bernie makes "Got Raspberries" bumper stickers, does he have to sue himself?
Wouldn't that be a lawyers dream. They would all "wanna be with you!" You would need one to sue and one to defend youself against yourself. And if you indeed choose to sue yourself, you will no doubt appeal whatever decision is handed down... and "go all the way" to the highest court in the land.

Maybe you should just ask Kathy if it's ok... :P

And who besides me saw Tony duck the pill comment?

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In the "Got.....?" vein:

Because Dartmouth College has an abundance of plain, boring attire, I got a huge kick out of one T shirt that stands out for many reasons. Keep in mind the college color is Green (it's everywhere)

The T shirt simply says: Got Green?


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Do you guys remember that John Fogerty gave up the rights to all his Creedence songs to be free of Saul Zaentz and terminate his contract with Fantasy Records rather than deliver albums he still owed them.Well after years of jogging and not recording-he finally recorded "Centerfield" for Warner Brothers and was sued by Saul Zaentz who claimed that Fogerty plagiarized himself because "Old Man Down The Road" was "Run Through The Jungle" sideways-AND THAT Fogerty had no right to write a song that referenced his earlier work because Zaentz now owned "Jungle".Fogerty WAS in a sense being metaphorically sued for HIS version of putting out HIS "Got Raspberries" sticker. So these things happen.-Ira.

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Paulie--I think "Got Raspberries?" is very clever. When Raspberries Live at BB King's (or whatever it may be called) comes out, that would make a very apropos advertising campaign... and why not make it scratch-and-sniff, too?


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