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4 Christmases movie

Daisy McLintock

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Hi Reid,

It's been a long time since I've seen Laurel and Hardy. All I can remember was seeing them run parallel to Gilligan and the Skipper -- hitting each other over the head repeatedly. The Skipper used his hand, and Hardy used a pan, or was it Laurel that used the pan..

I remember thinking "God what a stupid idiot that skinny guy is." They were both just pitiful. :rolleyes:

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I saw Twilight last week. My wife,being a big fan of the books, wasn't too happy with some of the changes they made for the movie. However, I, not having read the books,really enjoyed it.

As for critics,most of them I don't pay any attention to,the exception being Roger Ebert. He's from nearby Champaign and holds his Overlooked Film Festival there every year.I've seen a lot of really wonderful films there,most of which I hadn't even heard of previously.

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"Pure stupidity at its best". LOL That's always been my opinion as well. I guess that's why opinions vary! I do think overall that my experience has been that most men love the stooges and most women hate them. Not to say there aren't exceptions, just an observation from what I've seen and heard over the years.

I never listen to critics. I never agree with them afterwards, either. <smirk>

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