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Tony Cartmill

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True...sort of. But if any Bush picks would have been caught CHEATING ON THEIR TAXES, the Dems, the media, and haters like you would have been crying and crying and crying till something was done! And at least the Republicans would have had the decency to withdraw the TAX CHEATS from consideration, once the scandal came out.

The Dems, for some reason, think they are above the tax law...

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I lived in the UK in the early 80's....and I'm a medical provider here in the US now. I am VERY concerned about Daschle and his nationalized healthcare motives. Even without nationalized healthcare...we turn 90% of prospective patients away.....and it rips a piece of my heart out each and every day. We just don't deal with most people's insurance.

So the rich will be treated by us....but everyone else will have to get lesser care....and wait and wait and wait in line.

There's already a two-tier system in the US...it will get worse.

Daschle scares me BIG TIME!


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The "funny" thing is that when it was the "treasury secretary" position... well, it's such an important position and he's so immenintly qualified, we can't let a little thing like "taxes" derail him... now the benchmark is... we let a treasury secretary in with a bad history on taxes, how can we point fingers at someone else...

Show your hands if you didn't see this one coming... :rolleyes:

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You know what, Tony? If this is what turns up when one these guys gets a cabinet nomination, maybe we ought to audit EVERY LAST ONE OF THESE SENATORS AND CONGRESSMAN, GOING BACK AT LEAST THREE TO FIVE YEARS!

I'll bet there are enough enough unpaid taxes to fund some of the government programs they want US to pay for.

Between Clinton making a hundred million dollars lobbying for foreign governments, Cheney getting rich off "no-bid"contracts awarded to Haliburton, Bush Sr. sitting on the board of directors of the Carlyle Group, with funding from the Bin Laden family, during 911, odd, unexplained plane crashes and deaths surrounding big players in both parties, no WMD's, the financial meltdown, the bailouts, and the revelations coming out about the tax "mistakes" made by Geithner and Daschle, I'm beginning to think we need a "Citizens Oversight Committee" to watch over ALL of our elected officials.

Integrity? Credibility? Accountability?

Nah, That's for suckers.

It really is just unbelievable!

I saw more clips of rioting in the streets of (get this!) SWITZERLAND today, to add to the recent rioting in Iceland, Lithuania and Greece.


Preview of coming attractions?

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A mess of colossal proportions indeed. Printing more money devalues our dollar and the proposed trillion-plus dollar spending will devalue the dollar as never before. Even people who *have* money will be in trouble because it will have lost much of its value.


This is frightening.

And as we borrow the trillions from China to pay for it all, they'll own more of us.

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