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Free Speech: Not Online

Paulie Mississippi

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It's strange sometimes the 'vibe' I get here...and yes I know that I have been one of those people who have distanced from here for awhile because I have felt either that I was 'bullied' on some level or occasionally felt less than eloquant or intellectually stimulating enough to add anything relevent. That being said, those are 'my feelings' and I didn't leave because I had a bruised ego but more to gain some insight; reread things I may have misinterpreted and taken too personally;point that all powerful finger at myself and do some soul searching to see if in any way my reasons behind some of my posts were for reasons 'other' than just to voice an opinion or share some news.

Once again I feel the board is a lil microcosm of our world and sadly even though we are a united front on all things Eric and Raspberries...there are always going to be issues that will either divide us further or bring us closer together. For me, I know that I am not 'thick skinned' and I like that about me even though I may get hurt a lil more emotionally...it's who I am and I am also the type of person that if we have not agreed on something in the past...if you, as someone I have come to know on at least some level from this board "EVER" needed my help or a true blue friend...I am so there!! I am feeling sorta 'hippie' Chris and love that even though there may be no 'peace' in the world or in the board at times...isn't it just awesome to continue to strive for it anyways?? Call me an idealic dreamer...When I say, I would truly like to be able to meet all of you at some point...I am in sincere when I say "ALL"...you may not want to meet me and that is 'cool' with me too because that is your choice and I would honor and respect that.

I know, I am being going on here but I would like to use a line from 10CC to end on :

"Agree to disagree but disagree to part when after all it's just a comprimise of the things we do for love"...and I LOVE THIS BOARD!

*Vera* LuvLove

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I haven't weighed in yet...hmmm, 195 after dinner. Not bad :rolleyes:

I've always tried to keep in mind that this is Bernie and Eric's house. It took a long time before Eric felt comfortable posting here. I would hope that recent changes in the dynamics of the board and Eric's lack of posting are just a coincidence.

I like the give and take, the differing opinions, the humorous and the prayerful posts. Points of view can be debated and sometimes feelings get hurt. You don't have to agree with someone to say "I'm sorry". Peace. Kirk.

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Wow... lots of interesting chatter and thoughts going on... and it's taking on the aura of that old childhood game... where one kid whispers to the next kid who whispers to the next kid... and "Billy has Oreo Cakesters" ends up being "Billy has a new chest hair"...

As the guy who started the thread... and started the deleted threat that led to me starting this thread... let me say:

1. I am not upset. With anything.

2. I knew there was a chance the first thread would be deleted. I felt there was enough eloquent truth to what I said to perhaps sneak by the underlying uglier truth, but I was mistaken.

3. I am not upset. With Ted, Bernie, Eric, JohnO or TOMMY who love the Yankees, anybody...

4. I started this thread with the idea of highlighting the fact that my previous one was deleted to open a discussion on the lack of freedom of speech on the internet... not to bemoan or curse or be upset by it, but to bring to light that a right we as Americans have in the real world does not translate online... because of this very reason, somewhere; someone is in charge of the forum... and ultimately they make the rules and/or the decisions as to what you can say...

5. I am not upset... I do not want to be thought of as a vulgar guest in Bernie or Eric's house... I'm that lovable guy who, when he has a couple too many drinks might get loud and tell an off-color joke, but then Obama will call me to task; like he did Bernie Mac, and all will be well... wink

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Paulie, from the way I was reading your post/thread I did not think you WERE upset either. I completely 'got' that you wanted to express how some things in 'real world' definately are not achieved in the cyberworld...i.e. the protection of freedom of speech. I must have been sitting in the third seat to the left of you because I still heard "Billy's got Oreo Cakesters" ;-) I have greatly enjoyed reading many of your posts this last while in particular...always thought-provoking/challenging. As for my long commentary a few posts above from here, I hope everyone realizes it was more a response to someone else's post within this thread. I wanted to respond to it and perhaps I should have made that a lil more clearer initially. Anyways thanks for the re-focus because it IS important not to lose sight of the initial reasoning for this thread...as well, I think it was wonderful you also clarified where you were coming from originally!

For me, as I said before, sometimes the brilliance of the members here just leaves me spin

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Hollies, not everyone has private messaging enabled...I for one, do not. If someone wants to address a question my way they must either post it here (as a response to something perhaps I stated) or by posting it as a 'new' topic. The only other way to to correspond to me is through my sister who 'may' pass the message along to me should she be feeling well enough to be on the computer. This is why I responded in the 'post within a thread' manner...it's not that I meant to take away ANYTHING from what Paulie' was expressing...it just happened that someone else had made a different comment as well so I my only option at that time was to respond quickly before it got so far down on the thread that if that particular poster had read it they DEFINATELY would not have had any clue it was in response to what they stated just moments earlier. It is what it is and if I am going to continue to be able to carry on convo's here, then it must remain in this manner for my own sense of well-being. Does this now make things a lil clearer??!!!?? smile

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