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Pete and Kyle in Cleveland with the Indians tonight


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Tonight is the night my hubbie Pete and our son Kyle hit the ball game in Cleveland. Kyle is sitting there waiting for Eric to sing the National Anthem in his honorary Indians uniform from atop the dug out.

I never told him it was a joke....heh heh heh...

They were in Chicago yesterday (and the night before) for 2 games and breakfast at Lou Mitchell's, dinner at Giordano's for deep dish pizza. They started in Pittsburgh on Saturday for their baseball vacation!!!!

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Let's see - visiting with friends and family, studying and doing the stuff the two boys of summer would be doing if they were here!!!! I just came back from buying a sturdier garbage can because I am going to shoot the bear (and her cubs) if they make a mess of my garbage AGAIN!!! (not really, but I was thinking it...)

here's the funny thing - Pete and Kyle were sitting 5 rows from the field and a ball hit by Grady Sizemore landed right in Pete's hands (first time they didn't bring gloves to a ball park) bruising his hand and bouncing out onto his face and nose (left a bruise in his hand and face) and he DIDN'T GET THE BALL!!!!!!! But the Indians won and that was great!

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So, my boys are back safe and sound from the baseball road trip. My souvenirs?

An Indians shot glass! (just like Art Palm's avatar)

A t-shirt from Chicago that says "Got Wind?"

(it will take brass ovaries to wear that around teenagers...)

AND just arrived via UPS....a frozen deep dish Giordano's PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!

they love me...

The guys said that the Indians fans were, by far, THE most vocal opponents of their players!

They said they were hysterically funny!!

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Now it isn't really any fun if you can't be aparent and kid around with your kids. After all, I'm the one who told mine a little man lives in the fridge and turns that light off when we close the door. haha

I think the only folks who wouldn't think that's funny are Child Protection Workers, but they don't know how much fun it is to have parents with a sense of humour.

Even my grandparents would be laughing their heads off.

And don't eat the hole on the donut -- it'll give you a bellyache. Well, my eldest cousin presented my Dad with the thinnest of donut rings around that hole you ever saw! haha She is now a very well-balanced lady on the verge of retirement from pediatric nursing at one of our finest hospitals.

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