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RazCat feline photo for grins


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Great picture, my friend! Oscar looks like (late) cats, Rudy and Theo, who died in 2002 and 2003. Their mom was a pure-bred Siamese, their dad was a tiger.... Oscar looks like a similar mix, with the short hair, beige color, and markings. Am I right?


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Oscar(and his Aunt Katie) are both Singapura. I'm sure the DNA would link them all back to the Far East. On this link Katie is the second one: http://www.storybookday.com/Slideshows/Kitties2008/index.htm

I have quite the zoo. And Bernie, Sure!

Oscar really did take a swipe and run off.


Oscar looks like he's playing a little air guitar with his paw. Or maybe he's showing Wally how it's done....
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Looks like an Abbysinian to me. Most cats are derived from the middle east. At least most domestic cats.

I laughed my head off when our first ever cat fell off of the TV trying to get a football during a Superbowl in the '70's.

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Oh I may have a dog BUT I am a true animal lover and that photo belongs in the Louvre because it is simply priceless!! I Love it!!! Also the slideshow made me say "aaaaw ever cute" so many times I lost count. I think it is about the fourth picture in and I believe it is Oscar...he looks to have "Hungry Eyes";-) Looks like we have a to start a new fanclub for da kitties!

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