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My Favorite Gift


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Laura, what a gorgeous gift!

The most beautiful Winter coat I've ever had.

I've been looking for one in a shade of camel, but hadn't been successful, and voila--Christmas Eve after midnight (when we exchange gifts), there it was! It's creamy soft and warm, and cost more than *I* would have ever spent on one myself.

Besides that, my Christmas Eve gig was the greatest gift. God's gift of music to me has been the greatest gift of my life.

smile --Darlene

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The best gift I could have dared hope for... my husband's critically ill brother, despite all odds, was able to leave the critical care home and go home for Christmas. The guy nearly died about 20 times since August, and in fact, they told his wife to take him off life support, that "there was no hope". She refused because there was still brain activity. They said he'd "never come out of it". He not only came out of it, but they now expect him to be at least 90% whole, which is far, far more than anyone ever thought he'd ever be. He's still facing surgery in February, and with all he's been thru, the risk is higher than it'd be for a healthy person, but he's gotten this far... frankly, we all expected to be visiting his grave on Christmas. One day at a time...

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It is supposed to go from carpet to hard wood and under furniture - it needed an initial 16 hour charge and then I am going to do the demo - I will report back!!!!!

I have to set up the "walls" (it comes with two andyou can buy more) so that it doesn't fall down the stairs.

Kathy Lee, I can't wait to see how my dog reacts to this - she isn't afraid of the regular vacuum but i can picture her going on "intruder alert" mode!

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Time spent with my daughter in AZ watching her recovery, knowing that she is getting better every day and coming home January 11. The time spent with older daughter and son-in-law before going to AZ knowing that their 1st and my 6th grandchild is to arrive on January 27. The time spent with my very best friend Dave Smalley and Kim sharing a special XMAS. And most of all the time spent with my wife, Kim who has put up with me for 25 years. The only thing missing a list of more show dates to prepare for.

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Sounds like a wonderful Christmas, Ernie - and also the ideal list of things to be thankful for as the new year begins. (Agree with you about that "MIA" item, too. smile )

As for me, I am going to be shamelessly materialistic this time around....

I got an iPhone! I got an iPhone!


Miss Tech addict lives!

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So the Roomba is whizzing around the house, cleaning up pine needles and dust and dog hair. It takes about 35 minutes per room. You can use the "walls" that come with it to contain it and it will work faster but we have an open floor plan so it goes from the carpet to under the couches to hardwood floors to the kitchen tiles down the hall to the bathroom and into our bedroom. Hasn't fallen down the stairs - my daughter insists there is a sensor. I have a sneaker blocking the stairs!!

The only problem I see so far is that it will deposit a pile of pine needles or a ball of dust at the edge of the carpeting as it is transitioning.

I think this product is great if you have everything off the floor and nothing that could easily clog up the dustbin. With daily use, it would be a godsend!!!

Next Christmas - the scooba (washes the floors)!!

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