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Rich From PA

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Just wanted to say thank you to Bernie & Kathy for their hospitality last evening. What a great night! Kyle and P. Hux sounded great and couldn't have been nicer.

Also wanted to thank TommyTunes, Lew Bundles, Captain Harlock and the rest for making me feel so welcome. It's great to finally put faces to the names.

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Since it was my first time I hope you’ll indulge a bit of a longer post. I just had the BEST time and meeting all of you was just so special for me.

Kathy & Bernie – What a lovely home and such a warm and welcoming place to spend the most amazing evening. Thank you thank you thank you!

Kathy - In a word, WOW!! I’m just blown way…and that was far from a ‘little’ surprise!

Lou B – I STILL have your back even though you cheated on me with another woman on the couch!!

Cap'n H – It’s not nice to keep secrets!

Gina – I love a fellow fan who wears her heart on her sleeve. We cried on all the same songs! You are a joy.

Diane – You can light up a room! I’ll never forget you, 1st is always special!!!

Hope I get my Ann’s straight:

AnneG – You seemed so calm when there was such activity everywhere! I like calming people.

AnniekNY – Hope I get this right, posts as Annie but is really Kathy and has a gem of a hubby?? Sorry I didn’t have more time to get to know you but I hope we can meet again. I couldn’t help but feel your joyous personality for the short time I was there.

Aggie/Jen – Does that arm ever get tired? I couldn’t have ever kept that still that long with him singing. Such a pleasure to meet you. How lucky is Kyle to have you as a fan?

Ira – You have the sweetest spirit and your smile is just so beautiful. Wish we had more time.

JohnO – I actually got to meet our unabridged walking music encyclopedia. I’m forever in awe.

Mr. & Mrs. TT – What a lovely couple! Mr. T I am still so humbled by your generous offer!!

Rich from PA – So nice to meet you. Kyle is just the best and I was so glad you kept asking for She’s Top 40, one of my faves but alas, not meant to be last night.

I wish I had more time to linger but my sister has a very close friend who is so terribly sick and we had to leave when we did.

And just in case:

Parthenon – I’m still in a state of shock that I was THAT close and was so amazed at the absolutely gorgeous sound that can only be made when you two make music. This night was beyond special thanks to you.

My dear Kyle – To hear you live again after all this time…..it was as if I was dreaming. Your voice and music touches like no one else, you just took my breath away. It was like being in heaven, truly. I’ll be your cashier anytime! And I promise it will not be 13 years before I see you again. Thank you…….I’ll ALWAYS believe.

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It really is great to see so many people being turned onto Kyle's music. I've been telling people about his music, sending them samples, etc. for years. He's an artist deserving of recognition. Glad that it went last night.

Marv (still waiting for a chance to see Kyle on this side of the country)

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Last night was FANTASTIC !! Kyle Vincent’s music filled the room with full of life songs with beautiful melodies. The very talented P. Hux joined in on some of the songs and the harmonies were incredible. And Kathy…. What a voice you have !!! Yes, Kathy chimed in as well as playing the guitar and can she sing !!! Such talent, and all in one room !!

In addition to the amazing music were the warm and terrific group of people that I had the pleasure of being in their presence, once again…..

Many thanks to the warm and gracious host and hostess, Bernie and Kathy.

Lew Bundles and Robert (The Captain), look likes the “rides from hell†are over !! Finally !!

TT and Claire: I’m sure you’ll be “ Smilin’ and Dialin’ †on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ( note to members: Get Caller-ID). Your wife is a “saint†!!

Gina: Bonding with you is so easy !! You’re such a wonderful individual. My offer still stands. Just say the word, I’ll pick you up at the airport, put you up for the weekend and we’ll have a night or nights on the town in NYC and we’ll shanghai AnnieK, Claire, and Kathy. It will be “just the girlsâ€.

Tory: You’re adorable. It was so great meeting you !

AnnieG: Great to finally meet you. Practice, practice, practice.

AnnieK and Peter: I always enjoy your company. Annie, you are one genuine lady (plus, your daughter loves me !! )

Ira: You are truly a warm and sensitive man…..a real sweetheart !!

Jennifer, JohnO and Rich from PA: It was great to finally meet you all !

I'm soooo looking forward to the next shin-dig !!

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Now I will confess that I had not heard Kyle's music until I heard a few clips just before we left for the concert! So we really had a few nice surprises in store for us - not the least of which was Kathy and a guitar and a microphone next to Kyle!!

Pete and I really enjoyed our night with you guys...it was great to discover new music with Kyle and Parthenon...talk about "Unplugged" !!!!

I will also admit that we came to spend more time with our EC.com friends. Thank you Bernie and Kathy for the monumental undertaking that was last night. We loved it. Thank you Simon, for the great sangria (and the tasty shot!!)

To my girls: Diane, Gina, Jen - so so so great to spend some time with you. Yep, Diane, my Mk is in awe of you...the rest of us Raspberry people- to use her own words - not so much. haha

Let it be known to all in EC.COM that Lew Bundles new nickname is Sweet Lew.

Ira and Tommy Tunes and Claire - you guys are so great and always fun!!

JOHNO!!! ANNEG!! TORY!! Great to meet you and I look forward to spending more time with you all.

I didn't realize that Bobby was the "Captain"!!!!!!

Good luck to everyone on the bidding and no beating each other up at WAB V over lost treasures!!!

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Kathy dear, can I just say I don't know how you were the most cordial hostess AND then you go and perform too!! Multi-talented doesn't even begin to describe her.

I am just so thrilled and grateful to have been a small part of it. And now we have TWO shows to look forward to with YOU singing?!!! I am so there!

And yes it did my heart good to see our wonderful vegan friend (didn't you just love that braclet?!) eating my homecooked food.

Thank you again and again. Your spirit fills your home and touches all who enter. LuvLove

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If I knew how talented Kathy was there's one thing I would have done differently.

Instead of introducing her to Bobby Vee-at his Christmas show-and having him sign a Playbill (I got from his England tour) and dedicating it to Kathy...I would have asked Kathy to take out a piece of paper and give Bobby HER autograph.

She's THAT good a singer!

She's THAT much a superstar on EVERY level.

You really touch us all very deeply-Ira.

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If I knew how talented Kathy was there's one thing I would have done differently.

Instead of introducing her to Bobby Vee-at his Christmas show-and having him sign a Playbill (I got from his England tour) and dedicating it to Kathy...I would have asked Kathy to take out a piece of paper and give Bobby HER autograph.

She's THAT good a singer!

She's THAT much a superstar on EVERY level.

You really touch us all very deeply-Ira.

Truer words were never spoken, Ira. Kathy is one in a million.

(and you sound like a pretty nice chap, yourself. how was LA?)

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Thank You everyone for the kind words.

Thank You Kathy (Thee of the beautful voice) and Bernie (videographer/ photographer extroadinaire) for the opportunity to have such a wonderful time.

Thank You Ira for ...(our little secret)

Thank You Lew Bundles, dianed, Captain Harlock and Rich from PA (The ec.com East Coast mafia) for being my crew.

Thank you Jen for being just as sweet as Marvin and Marlene said you were and prettier too. (TTPST)

Thank you Gina for our heart to heart and for being so sweet to LADY TUNES. She likes you a lot. If you take dianed up on her offer, LADY TUNES says she's there with both of you.

Thank You Kyle for the great show. Wear my hat in good health.

Thank You Hux, for your performance as well as our fun conversations

I'm thankful for seeing Anniekny (my first) again and her husband, and for new friends Tori and my neighbor from Hamburg NJ (don't forget to let me know if you have your own Kyle Vincent show).

Thank You Darlene for oh... never mind.

Thank You dianed, most of all, for the salad.

I couldn't have eaten without you.-TT

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Wow, this whole thread just warms my heart! Such sentiments are very touching. I was delighted to meet new friends (Tommy, Claire, Lew, Captain H, Diane, Tory, Anne, Rich) as well, and to see old friends (my dear NY hosts Annie and Pete, my Hollies buddy Ira, my DC/M&S Grill/Smithsonian pal John O, and the very special Gina) again! I can't even begin to praise Kathy and Bernie highly enough or thank them enough here, so I'll leave that for a private message. Finally, of course, tremendous thanks to Kyle and Parthenon for an incredible performance - every one of us in the audience was just in awe over the talent before us.

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So great to see everyone again, and so nice to meet so many new friends. What a fantastic show!

Bernie and Kathy- Once again I thank you with all of my heart for opening up your lovely home to me. Kath, I loved the surprise. You have a great voice.

Jen- I had a nice time with you all weekend. Thanks. I will keep in touch.

Ira- You ROCK!

Lew Bundles- Sissy shots! Bottoms up! You are so much fun!

Tommy and Lady Tunes- So good to see you again. I really like Lady Tunes too. Oh man, she has beautiful eyes. The ice box cake was YUMMY!

JohnO, AnyMac, Jennie, Debbie, AnneG, Cap'n H and Rich PA it was so good to meet you.

Tory- So, so great meeting you. Cute shirt! You have great taste. heehee

Diane- You DA BOMB girlie! The cheesecake was delicious. I found myself eating baked ziti at 2am. Oh dear.

Annie and Pete- You guys are so cute. Thanks for the great conversation.

Simon- You make the best sissy shots. Thanks, it was so much fun.

Lisa and Cheryl- Thanks for everything. I appreciate it. You girls ROCK!

bofb- M e o w w w w w w

Kyle and Parthenon- The reason for this lovely get together. What a fantastic show! So many great songs. Hope to see you again someday. "Nobody Knows" was a nice treat.


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Originally posted by ira:

...speaking with you from a chilly poolside at "Beverlywood" was one of the highlights of my trip "Sir popdude".-Ira.

Yikes! Must have been a bad trip if I was one of the highlights! hahahahahaha
Ira, You could have saved money, stayed in Jersey and done that. You sound like a good candidate for "Smile 'n Dial with the TUNESTER".
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