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Please offer a prayer tonight


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There's a little 9 year old boy who went missing from South Williamsport, PA yesterday, and so far there's no trace of him. What complicates it is, he's got disabilities and can't speak, so he can't cry for help. It's over 24 hours now, and he has no coat on, and it is very snowy tonight in PA. His parents and the authorities are actually hoping it was a kidnapping, as there is little hope he's alive if he's lost outdoors. How bad do things have to be when the lesser of two evils is a kidnapping? I can't begin to imagine what these parents and this little boy are going thru, if you're a person who prays, please ask God to watch over Logan. crying

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I do hope he is alright, that poor boy, if he is kidnapped, at least he is in a warm atmosphere.

I hope that

perpatrator is looking after him.

Why are people so crazy?

Especially this time of year, any day, or month.

If he has a brain, he would give himself up.

What I would like to know, is where were the parents?

Who was supposed to be watchiong that boy?

I babysit, I always make sure, my eyes are on those kids, every second, even when I walk the kids to school.

The boy, probably, is some where in the house, I hope, if their is a shack or something behind the house, he will be in there.

I know it.

god bless him and I hope the parents to find him.

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gord, I didn't answer you because I wasn't sure what the answers were till tonight, they really didn't elaborate on where he was before he went missing till today. Apparently he was watching tv with his sister, and his mother was in the kitchen making dinner. He got up and walked away, his sister figured he went to the bathroom or something, and that was the last anyone saw of him. confused

It's not looking good at all, it's 55 hours now, and the *warmest* it got here today was 5 degrees, with a windchill of 5 below. Plus we had snow Sunday night. The FBI has been called in, altho they stress they do not suspect foul play, they truly do think he just "walked off", as he's done it before... but before he was always found quickly. I know hindsight is 20/20, but why this kid wasn't fitted with some sort of electronic tracking device is beyond me, even in the best of weather, if he got lost, he can't yell for help, he's mute. Plus he's autistic. It really is looking worse with each passing hour. crying

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Please keep us up to date if you hear anything Julia. It breaks my heart to hear of cases like this... there but for the grace of God... it could just as easily be my child.

Yesterday in Ottawa it was -44 degrees - the coldest I've ever seen it here in Ontario. We have temperatures like this in Edmonton, but we're much further south here in Ottawa. No way anyone would survive outdoors in this weather without some heavy-duty survival clothing. Here's hoping that the child is at least smart enough to get into a mall or other shelter. He might be somewhere and just not able to tell somoone who he is or that he is away from home.

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Uh oh.. bad news... I found this just now on the internet...

Authorities find body believed to be missing boy


Associated Press

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. - The body of a boy believed to be a missing 9-year-old was found Tuesday morning on a gated mountain road about a mile-and-a-half from his home, four days after he disappeared, authorities said.

Logan Mitcheltree, who was described as having a mental disorder, was last seen around 4:15 p.m. Saturday wearing a long-sleeved shirt, slippers and pants, but no jacket. His siblings told police he had been watching TV with them before they noticed him missing.

A state forester discovered the body shortly after 8 a.m. just off a leaf-covered forest road that leads up a mountain, said state Bureau of Forestry manager Jeffrey S. Prowant and South Williamsport Police Chief Rexford Lowmiller.

"There's no reason to believe that it's not his body...

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I just got home from work a short time ago, and yes, they confirmed at a news conference at 5 PM that it was Logan's body they found earlier today. They said there's no reason to suspect foul play, but the possibility will, of course, be looked into. They think he just wandered off and got lost, and they assume he died Saturday night into Sunday morning. crying

My heart is aching for this family, but at least he's been found and they can give him a proper burial, they know what happened to their son... so many parents of missing kids never even get that much. So very tragic, there's just no "right words".

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