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Bollywood Movies

Billy K.

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Haven't rented any movies in quite a while, but we do have two Indian movie rental places that are across the street from each other.....and are very competitive.....

Bombay has been the biggest producer of movies worldwide for a number of years, resulting of the nickname of "Bollywood" for the city.

Was thinking about renting a couple of Indian movies for a change......anyone ever seen any? Have you got any to recommend??

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My favorite (and I've only seen a few) is "Come, Fall In Love," with Kajol and Sharukh Khan. It is just *lovely!* I discovered it one night, up very late after an orchestra rehearsal made me too "up" to sleep.

I had never seen such a movie. I knew it was Indian, but the songs were so cute and so long! Very dramatic action, very expressive music in a cute, funny way.

I was taken by the physical beauty of the male and female leads. Kajol is gorgeous and so is Sharukh Khan. Of course I googled them and found out all about "Bollywood," which I had never known to exist! Very fascinating. Kajol's cousin, Rani Mukherjee, is also a very beautiful actress.

I haven't seen many Bollywood movies on cable lately, which is too bad. They are sweet and harken back to a simpler, less complicated lifestyle, and each seems to have a "moral." I enjoy them.

I found "Come, Fall In Love" to be a charming, sweet story. And I had something very interesting to discuss with my Indian students. Upon learning I had discovered "Bollywood," they gave me an Indian name, "Deena," which means in Hindi "like the sun."

smile --Darlene

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Billy, The Indian name for "Come, Fall In Love" is "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge," 1995. She was very cute in "Kuch Kuch Khota Hai" also. One of her most recent is "Kabhi Khusti Kabhie Ghum," or "Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi," where she plays Tina/Sweety (both are 2001). Raju Chacha was made in 2000. If you want to see a very young Kajol, rent Baazigar (1992).

Her cousin, Rani Mukherjee, is in a film called Chori Chori with her husband, Ajay Devgan, who doesn't do a thing for me. Rani and Shahrukh Khan (now *there's* a cutie) are in Veer Zaara, and most recently, Paheli. *I* want to see that one!

Another gorgeous Indian actress is Aishwarya Rai (she likes to be called Ash), but her films are more Americanized-- as "Lost Legion" and "Provoked," with American directors.

Kajol married Ajay Devgan in 1999 and has a daughter, so she hasn't made films very recently. She and her husband are supposed to be doing some family-oriented commercials for Whirlpool. Whether they'll be shown in the USA, I don't know.

I think you'll enjoy these films.

smile --Deena laugh

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Not only is there a Turkish Superman but there's also a Turkish Exorcist and a Turkish Star Wars!! Check out this profile from IMDB.com

IMDB Turkish Superman

In Japan there used to actually be a Spider-Man television series. Except is was signifcantly different than the American version. Spidey got his powers from a power bracelet that came from an alien planet given to him by his dying father. He lived on a flying fortress called the "Marveler". And he grew to a size of 50ft to battle giant, Godzilla like monsters! Check out this page! Too cool!!

Japanese Spider-Man

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If you're into Bollywood, keep your eyes open for Shaun Singh. Shaun is a producer who is responsible for bringing the first South Asian show to Broadway. In recognition of Shaun's work in theatre/production, he was a 2005 nominee for a SAMA (South Asian Media Award). To learn more about Shaun and his work, check out his website, Shaun Singh Productions

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