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California Fires


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After dodging the firey bullet here in Simi Valley in both '03 and '05, we thought we could sit this one out. No such luck. The fires in San Diego raced through the ranch where my wife's horse is boarded before she could be evacuated. Anxious times to be sure. confused Latest word is she was released from her coral and is milling about with some other homeless hoofers at a small pond in the burn zone. The fire department isn't letting anyone back in yet, so we won't be able to get to her for a while. Probably hungry and hopefully uninjured. Hoping for a happy ending here, but so many others have lost everything, God bless 'em. pray

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Oops! Dumb thumbed the tab button. Saw 20/20 and you were right, Kirk. Other than the hores running up the canyon teaser, they seemed more concerned about Malibu's celebrity colony welfare and whether or not Suzanne Sommers was going to rebuild after the last firey, beach-side debacle, held earlier this year. The brief zoom in on the parrot at Qualcom Stadium was nice, tho'.

Kiwi, sorry to hear that the NZ media gets their stories upside down too, so to speak. Nothing worse than to be teased into sitting through mind-numbing "news", weather, and sports only to find that the subject you were interested in rates a ten second blurb just before, or worse, during the credits!

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