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Losing the Love of your life


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Julie, the beginning of a new life is always a turning point and the promise of things to come!!! What a blessing! I am absolutely, positively certain that he is watching with such joy and that the two of you are still sharing this together. The dimensions are not as far apart as we think. What a wonderful gift to be looking forward to!!!

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Julie...I'm so sorry to hear about all the misfortune that's come your way recently. It seems a bit much for one person to go through in such a short time. Life's not fair sometimes. I know I don't see the "big picture" but things are hard for me to understand sometimes. Sounds like you're doing remarkably well, but I'm sure you have had (and will continue to have) many low moments. Hang in there...like Diane said, "Grieving is a process, not an event". Hopefully, this pregnancy and the new baby will offset some of the pain you and the girls are going through. Like everybody here, I'll be thinking about you.

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