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The Phoenix Lights

Eric Carmen

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Oh, The Phoenix Lights.... After watching some more documentaries and news items on 'em, yeah, I would say it's pretty compelling. I mean, the governor of the state saw the lights. (Maybe Eric can re-write that song on the first Raspberries album: "When I looked in the sky, I saw the lights....")

Even though I've been a non-believer in alien life forms, I'm not completely close-minded about the subject (as I am about, say, Sarah Palin, hip-hop, and smoking). There's enough mystery to make you want to learn more. And for once, I agree with Paulie: Our lovely government ought to pony up with some data -- unless it's sure that too much public knowledge would cause problems in some way....


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My brother and I saw a U.F.O. when we were kids. It was the '60s and the newspaper article I still have about it actually said that the government classified what we saw as an "Unidentified Flying Object." Cool, eh? I'm a bit more of a skeptic now, seeing as how EVERYONE has a camera and there aren't too many new photos to prove their existence once and for all. But I did see something VERY unbelievable in the skies over Sayreville back then. So, who knows?

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