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Blackhawks in the Playoffs

Steeler Deb

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Here's another reason why the Hawks will be the Stanley Cup champs in 2010-11.

Today, the league announced the retirements of referees Don Koharski, Dan Marouelli, Kerry Fraser, Bill McCreary, and Rob Shick (also linseman Mark Pare) effective the start of the NHL playoffs for 09-10. Fraser and Shick are great refs, but the other three have been sticking it to the Hawks for three decades (Koharski for four!). I will personally offer to drive Marouelli and McCreary to the retirement board if they need a lift to make sure everything gets done properly!

Can you say "Tom Lysiak"?

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The Playoffs are ripe for some real 'upset' possibilities:

1. Calgary over Chicago: I don't like the Flames, but you'd have to think this would be an upset seeing as the Hawks beat the Flames 4x in the regular season. I just think the Flames have more players who have been through the wars, and can see them prevailing.

2. St Louis over Vancouver: The Blues have been incredibly hot over the last two months. No sign of them slowing down - especially if Chris Mason keeps standing on his head in goal.

3. Anaheim over SJ: SJ's streak of not winning in the Playoffs continues. Anaheim is a tough team to play against, and I can see them getting it into gear now.

4. Carolina over NJ: Carolina has been the Eastern Conference's version of the Blues. Incredibly hot over the last couple of months. NJ looked impossible to beat for the longest time, but they've been struggling lately.

5. Montreal over Boston: Only because I've been a Habs fan for too long and a Bruins hater for the same amount of time. My head won't let me pick over my heart.

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