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Shaun Cassidy - Eric


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I agree, same with Hey Deanie, Shaun just doesn't have the chops that can express the same emotion and urgency as Eric can.

Though the compostions obviously stand the test of time, Eric is very hard to cover, as it's nearly impossible to compete with his vocals.

This might well be why more people don't release their own versions of Eric's great catalog of under-utilized songs.
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..or maybe there's just not enough people that are familiar with Eric's catalogue.

Prior to Celine covering "ABM", the song was flying pretty low under the radar, I think. It had been close to 20 years since Eric's original. Celine brought it back into peoples' consciousness.

Now it's been close to 20 years since Eric had one of his own songs on the charts (not sure if "I Was Born to Love You" charted or not), so if someone chose to cover one of his songs today, the general public would think it was a 'new' song.


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David's little brother's commitment to a music career says it all. When his version of 'That's R&R' came out...I played Eric's instead/as well. Being an old Raspberries fan had some impact on my decision as a radio programmer. The quality of performance was also a key. I'm sure Eric thoroughly enjoyed the royalties from SC's effort though. T'was probably a very tidy sum.


Upon further thought...I believe we played Shaun's version when the 'kidlets' were listening at night [4pm to midnight] and on the weekend [noon to 2am]...but when it went into gold rotation we only played Eric. Eric was already an established radio star...not only with the Berries but also with his solo hits 'All By Myself', 'Never Gonna Fall in Love Again' and we had also played 'Sunrise'.


Marv??? re: ABM...20 years? Try 31.

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Why is it that these 2 big hits, "Hey Deanie" & "That's Rock & Roll" get no airplay today? They were both top 10 hits, but I have not heard them on the radio anywhere in the last 3 decades! "She Did It" & "Change of Heart" also seem to get zero airplay as well, even on '70's stations, which also irks me.

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Both "That'sRandR" and "Hey Deanie" get pretty well played on XM Radio's '70s on 7 channel. Every time I hear the former, especially, I just cringe because Shaun just turned it into a total wimp-out. There is NO WAY you would think Eric is cool after listening to what they did to his song under Shaun. If I were him I wouldn't be able to listen to it without thinking to myself "Think of the royalties, think of the royalties..."

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