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Top 10 Rock bands of all time MSNBC


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Oh goody, another idiotic list! Offhand, I have no problema with the Beatles, Stones or Ramones.

Led Zep, Sly & Family Stone might make my Top 30 or so. Marley, I don't consider rock & Roll, although I do love his music.

U2, Dead, Velvets, Pink Floyd? - Absolutely not!!!

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I'm not saying ELO is greater than the Beatles, just that I enjoy ELO's music just a little bit more. After making this list, I was surprised to learn that my favorite U.S. 'group' is actually Hall & Oates! Also that not one of these groups started more recently than the mid-'70s. Surprised, but by no means shocked.

1. ELO

2. Beatles


4. Queen

5. Hall & Oates

6. Foreigner

7. Styx

8. Fleetwood Mac

9. Chicago

10. Bee Gees

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