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Upcoming Shows in LA - Magic Christian


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All fans of power pop, Raspberries, etc. - San Francisco "super group" Magic Christian will be playing their initial LA shows the week after next - in the Viper Room on Monday, Jan. 16, and in the Cat Club on Thurs., Jan. 19. I've seen this band twice in SF over the past 2 years, and they're well worth checking out.

Led by ex-Flamin' Groovie Cyril Jordan (guitar, vocals, songwriting), other members are: Paul Kopf (founder and coordinator of the Bay Pop festivals) on lead vocals, Alec Palao on bass (Sneetches and about a dozen other Bay area bands, as well as being one of the all-time best R&R historians - his liner notes are all over the Nuggets box sets, the Zombies box set (Zombie Heaven), and tons of other releases), and Prairie Prince on drums (Tubes, Jefferson Starship, Journey, Todd Rundgren).

Live, they do the assorted Beatles and Who covers (much like Eric & co.), along with a passel of new Cyril-penned tunes. Sadly, Cyril's so far chosen not to cover any Groovies classics (Shake Some Action, Slow Death, etc.) live, but he eventually may do so if the fans keep yelling for them.

Their only CD release so far, "Magic Christian", is a double CD set (studio songs plus their debut live show from the Great American Music Hall in SF in April '04) that's excellent. MOJO gave it a 4 star review, but hasn't published the review yet, still awaiting the "official release" of the CD. (It's available via their website, www.magicchristian.net. The website also has cool posters from their live shows, created by Dennis Loren, available.). To date, they've been reluctant to sign with any label, due primarily to the Groovies' past experiences with record companies, crooked management, etc. They're relying on word of mouth, Little Steven's Underground Garage, etc;, to get the word out on the band.

Lastly, don't take my word for how good these guys are; ask Al Chan or any other list members who are familiar with the band.

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