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Q's Trashing of New Brian Wilson Album


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Darian has also been playing off and on with The Zombies, and was with them at their 40th Anniversary Odessey & Oracle show....and also played recently with Heart, I believe. Just wondering if he's spreading himself too thin to concentrate on Brian. I understand he's the one who worked on the continuity aspect of "That Lucky Old Sun," making sure the songs segued smoothly throughout the album.

I thought I read that Scott B. ended up so involved because he was available to work with Brian with little other distractions (other bands on the road). His "Dotted Line" CD from last year is awfully good, so it doesn't surprise me that Brian picked him...

Likewise, I'd also love to hear what the Wondermints would sound like now!

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There's a one page interview wih Brian in the latest Rolling Stone (The Comedy issue with Letterman, Fey, and Rock on the cover).

At the end of it he says, "I'm working on a new album now. It's called Peasure Island:A Rock Fantasy. It's about some guys who took a hike, and they found a place called Pleasure Island. And they met some chicks, and they went on rides and-it's just a concept. I havent developed it yet. I think people are going to love it. It could be the best thing I've ever done"

Alrighty then...Hmmmm

What happened to the "rock" album he said he was going to do?


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I just finihed listening and I really enjoy the sheer joy of re-discovering life that is the theme of this album which Brian somehow intertwines with his love of a California that has a few more "rust spots" than in his 1960's portrayals.

I think "TLOS" also successfully melds the commercialism and hookiness of Brian's 60's pop ditties with the the conceptual nature of a more serious narrative piece like "Smile" and yet it remains more musical and accessible than the latter.

I guess "Forever He'll Be My Surfer Boy". smile -Ira.

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