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Most annoying songs of all Time


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Hmmmm.....Yes, Zappa, Grateful Dead, Frey (and Henley, I'd add), S. Nicks, Kool & Gang, Elton John, BS&T, Van Morrison (post-Them), Styx, ELP, Manilow, Paul Simon, Doobies, Miami Sound Machine, Waits, Redbone.....we've pretty much hit a Hell of a lot of annoying songs AND acts!!!

I'd also like to add...Rush to this illustrious list.

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Anything with lyrics by Lisa Loeb

Almost everything written and peformed by Gloria Estefan

"My Humps" Black-eyed Peas

"What I Am" Edie Brickell

"I Will Survive" Gloria Gaynor

"Beautiful" Christina Aguilera

"You're Beautiful" James Blunt

"Three Times A Lady" Lionel Ritchie

"Say You Say Me" same dude

"Can't Smile Without You" Barry Manilow

"I Feel For You" Chaka Kahn

"Music" Madonna

"Last Dance" Donna Summer

Oh, I'm sure there's more...


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