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I met an "Angel" in Vegas!

Tim From Wisconsin

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I was able to cross off another "People to meet before I die" person on my trip to Vegas!

Bernie and some others will know who he is - Frank Dimino the lead singer from Angel! He plays periodically with a classic rock cover band called Playground, and I went to see them at a bar in Vegas on Friday night - They were excellent! He was kind enough between sets to sign a couple of 8-Tracks I brought with me, take a couple of pictures with me, and he sat with me at the bar for about 15 minutes to talk.

He sounded fantastic!






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I absolutely LOVED that band. A female person of my aquaintance who shall remain nameless had a few dalliances with Frank back in the day. I WAS SO JEALOUS and terrified of the thought at the same time. Ah, adolescence....don't miss that ONE BIT!!

Thank you TIM for the great romp down memory lane!!!

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Yes girls, Barbara is an Angel as well!

Meeting Frank was a great experience! It was nice of him to talk to me about the old Angel days and what he is up to know.

Without a doubt, Angel has the best 2 logos of any rock band ever!


Here is a link to their myspace site if you aren't familiar with them! happy


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