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I gotta give him credit for trying different things. In the past few years he's recorded a "concept" album ("Mayflower Street"), an album of Sinatra standards, An album of songs from 1978 (Summer of '78)and so on. I saw him perform "Unchained Melody" the other night on TV and he did a superb job on it...


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Barry never thought he'd get a spot in Las Vegas, or at The Hilton. I have a few guesses about who got him the gig, but then The Hilton heard about what he said on T.V., I guess, and went for the contract. Or, someone told them.

About last summer, of 2005, he said that if fans wanted to hear a concert, come over to his house, because he practiced so much at home. He meant it, at the time.

I would like to see him do the music style of another culture. Something different.

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Wow....positive comments! I expected to be hiding under my desk after getting on my soapbox. LOL

TT - the "white version" of "...Magic" is basically a "kinder, gentler" version....the trademark "punches" were added on the resissue. (Hope that makes sense.)

Cartmill - oh my ! Are we kindred spirits in an appreciation of quality schmaltz??!! (How about "This One's For You"?)

Tom - thanks for the concert broadcast info. MAM - I like Paradise Cafe a lot, too...which leads me to Mike - I agree about wanting to hear him try different genres.

And seconding Jeff...gotta give him credit for trying different things. (That's more than we can say for a lot of performers!!)

OK, I'll be quiet now. smile

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I keep seeing this thread pop to the top, so I had to check it out. Now I can't help but chiming in with some less positive comments.... Sorry.

I thought "Could It Be Magic," "Mandy," and "Weekend in New England" were nice enough pop songs, but... I was only 11 or 12 at the time, and nothing else Manilow has done since then appeals to me. In fact, I've never spent a red cent on his music.

I don't hate him or anything, and I don't necessarily surf by if I catch him on TV. He seems like a likable enough fellow and a good jingles-writer. But his voice is so... weird. And the songs are so tame. Of course, the style was good enough to sell millions of records, so good for him. He's just not a "guilty pleasure" I would listen to. In fact, I saw him do "Unchained Melody" on Leno recently, and I thought it was, well, terrible.

I suppose if I went back in time, I was probably perplexed in the late 1970s when EVERYTHING Barry Manilow put out zoomed up the charts while EC (a different type of artist, of course, but overall a far superior writer, vocalist, and instrumentalist, as we'd agree) didn't get much recognition for Boats and Changes. I just couldn't figure out how one singer could make zillions off "Copa Cabana" and "Can't Smile Without You" while my favorite album of all time (Boats) got ignored.

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While I probably won't pick up this CD and haven't bought any of his recent ones, I consider myself a fan of Barry's. As a musician, I thoroughly enjoy playing his hits on the piano, more than listening to his old records. Some of the chord changes are not only terrific, but a great wrokout for any keyboard player.

A song I didn't see mentioned here that Barry wrote (along with Marty Panzer) was "All the Time", a truly great piano ballad, sure to make you cry. I don't think it got any airplay, but it's an awesome song.

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Just read -on Billboard site-2 interesting things: 1)This cd was Clive Davis'idea,as were the Rod Stewart "comeback" cds.

2)Clive and Barry are already at work on a 60's package.I am assuming it too is the "Everybody Loves Somebody" side of the 60's and we won't be hearing Barry doing "Go All The Way".(Notice I didn't make a snide comment.I like this album-Ira.)

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