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New way of paying for music


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Radiohead are asking their fans to name their own price to buy their new album. See link below:


This idea seems to be gaining support in the music industry and chimes with some of Eric's comments as to waiting to see how the industry shakes down with the drop off in CD sales etc.

Who thinks the Raspberries should promote their next studio album in this way? :P


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Absolutely! I think CDs are dead as the channel for getting music to the masses. Downloads are here to stay. So why not cut out the middle men (as Argee says) and sell directly to the fans?

One issue would be production costs - no major label is likely to sign them and front the money for an album, but maybe they could do what The Spongetones do: ask everybody to "finance" the album by paying $50 up front for the right to a copy of the complete album plus bonus material (demos, tracks left off, etc). Heck, I'd pay $100 (or more) up front for a new Berries album!

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