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Crowded House reunites


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Crowded House Hops On Reunion Bandwagon

January 22, 2007, 10:15 AM ET

Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

Crowded House will reform after a 10-year-plus hiatus for a tour this year, including a stop at California's Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in late April. The reunion, which was first reported by several Australian newspapers and confirmed by the webmaster of the Neil Finn site Frenz.com, will coincide with a new studio album.

Finn had previously maintained he would never revive Crowded House following the 2005 suicide of drummer Paul Hester. "It's an instant knee-jerk reaction, 'no Paul no Crowded House' for some, and you, know that's actually okay," webmaster Peter Green wrote on the Frenz.com message board. "Simply don't see them or play the new record. But there is a good chance you might be missing out on something special. Sometimes it's worth taking a leap of faith and giving something a chance."

"Neil has had a hankering to play in a band again and what better band to do this in but the one he had the most joy with," he continued.

The solo album Finn previously told Billboard.com would feature Crowded House bassist Mark Seymour has morphed into a Crowded House release, although it is unknown when it will hit stores. Also unclear is who will replace Hester; auditions are said to be underway to fill the slot. Multi-instrumentalist Mark Hart, who joined Crowded House full time in 1992, will be back in the fold for the live dates.

"It's a pretty emotional record, I think," Finn said of the new disc, which was produced by Ethan Johns. "It's hard for me to evaluate, 'cause I'm so close to it now. But I think it's fairly simple, which I'm really happy about. There's a lot of heart in the record, which I'm happy about, too."

Crowded House formed in 1985 and is best known for hits like "Don't Dream It's Over," "Something So Strong," "World Where You Live" and "Fall At Your Feet." The group's final show, held Nov. 24, 1996, in Melbourne, was released last week as the CD/DVD set "Farewell to the World" by EMI.

Last year, Finn and his brother Tim, who also contributed to Crowded House for a time, reunited with their seminal New Wave act Split Enz for a a short tour nearly 22 years after the band's split.


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I agree, Ted. Just watched the video of their "final" concert on VH1 Classic the other night...got out my CH CDs...this morning, was curious what was up with Neil Finn, etc., and this popped up.

One of those weird coincidences.

I think the plan was for bassist Nick Seymour to tour in Neil Finn's solo band, which has now morphed into the "House." So a tour could be a good possibility, Ted.


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From our local newspaper the report says that Neil Finn is auditioning drummers now.They (Neil & Nick Seymour) began trialling musicians in Melbourne yesterday. (Monday)

Further auditions are planned in Los Angeles and Auckland. They plan to make a formal announcement about their plans once they have the band in place. Drummer Ricky Gooch from the Wellington Band Trinity Roots was rumoured to have been in the running after recording with the band last year.

If I see/hear any further news locally I will post here. I think Neil Finn has only recently realised the real popularity of Crowded House and this has spurred him into doing something.

Muzza cool

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"CH" is just short form for "Crowded House".

Outside of pop music, "CH" is of course the official abbreviation for "Switzerland"... whose latin name is "Confoederatio Helvetica").

Given that Canada was/is one of Crowded House's most loyal markets, I think a couple of dates (Toronto at least) are pretty much a given on an extended world tour. I saw them in Toronto in '94 (just after Paul Hester left) and they put on a great show even though their drummer was known only as "Andy from Cleveland".

Canada and New Zealand have a lot in common, including "more populated" neighbours!

(As for the "True Colours" LP - for some reason, the only version I've ever seen is the hologram version. I suspect it isn't terribly rare, but hope I'm wrong.)

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It just hasn't been the same since they moved out of the old Forum (or since the NHL insisted that the Habs relinquish their first dibs on all Quebec prospects...imagine if Mario Lemieux had suited up for the bleu, blanc et rouge!) I was a loyal Habs fan throughout the 70s and into the 80s, but have wandered since then. But rest assured...even though Toronto is a great place to visit, I will NEVER be a Leaf fan!

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Swiss chocolate is great, but I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate. And I have to admit that the "President's Choice" dark chocolate almond bark is an excellent product available here in Canada.

And as for Swiss ladies, the only ones I know are all diehard skiers. So I'd recommend some intensive skiing...or at least learn to dance in ski boots.

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Small Update.... Crowded House have confirmed they are 1) - re-uniting, 2) - releasing an Album later in the year called "Time On Earth", and 3) - are doing a World Tour this year. A replacement drummer has been named but I missed it when listening to the news.

I guess a World tour is good news for our Canadian members as I assume Canada is part of the World and will be included.. laughwink

Muzza cool

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  • 4 months later...

This topic has been unbelievably quiet for the past 4 months. Here's the update: they are playing a ton of gigs in Canada and the U.S....I just got my tickets today for the show in Montreal! It's on August 12 at Theatre St. Denis. Has anybody here seen a gig there? I've managed to convert my wife into a Crowded House fan and it will be her first CH concert.

The CD "Time on Earth" is coming out in Canada in early July. I've heard a snippet of the single and it didn't impress me much...but sometimes it's hard to tell without hearing it properly.

Is anybody else attending any of the Crowded House concerts? There are also some European and Down Under dates, but they are mostly festivals so far. The Canada and US dates are mainly theatres with CH headlining.

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