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New Glen Campbell


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I've always wondered why the Wrecking Crew wasn't put in as a group, ditto the Motown studio guys (Funk Brothers), Muscle Shoals, Hi Records Rhythm Section, etc. Of all of these musicians, I think just Hal Blaine and Earl Palmer have been inducted....although Booker T & The MGs are in, and they were pretty much the Stax/Volt house band.

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there was a 1-page interview w/ him in the current edition of Spin magazine - very disappointing, the guy doesn't have much to say & hollers back to his wife across the house by default for answers to the simplest questions. the Q & A sheds very little light whatsoever on the man or his music, except to perhaps inadvertently explain how a guy like him ended up w/ the likes of Tanya Tucker (hint: they're both clueless)

too bad, b/c i really like GC, his music (compliments of Jimmy Webb), & his guitar pickin'

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I've been listening to the disc the last couple of days. Anyone else have it and if so, any reviews?


I received it (from Amazon) on Wednesday, and have played it 3 or 4 times through now. I'm really liking it! 10 songs seems a bit short, but I like most of them. To me, this is his best album since 'Galveston', which is what a lot of it reminds me of. Galveston was my very 1st self-bought album when I was a kid, so I get a couple of goosebumps hearing that sound again. He obviously still has a fantastic voice. I'd think if you liked him back then, you'd probably like this one.


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