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Springsteen Tonight at Convention Hall

Rich Pirone

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I was there for both nights and even got to briefly meet Bruce. Did the ticket drop line for both nights . Monday was a piece of cake for getting a ticket however last night it appeared I wasn't going to get one but fortunarely got one 5 minutes after the show started.

Now my meetimg with Bruce. I lined up at the barricades with about 20 people at entrance of Convention Hall on Monday. I did see the other E Streeters enter the building and Nils was the only one who stopped and signed. Roy quickly ran for the entrance. Max ("I gotta go but I'll come out later") Yeah right! This made me think that no way was Bruce going to spare us some time upon his arrival. I WAS WRONG! The first thing he did as he got out of the automoblie around 2pm on monday was sign for us waiting. Me being the second person he greeted.

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Didn't have the guts to ask him for a photo though he did pose with some of the others for photos. Gave him the current cd to sign because most artists appreciate if you present them with their new release. Did shake his hand also.

Yesterday was a different story. Bruce arrived around 4:30 pm and this time it was around 3 times the crowd compared to monday . This time Bruce did around 25 people but didn't get to me. Still it was very gracious for him not to totally ignore the fans especially waiting in the bitter cold weather.

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