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Richard Thompson concert tonight FANTASTIC!!!


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I just got back from the Richard Thompson's "1000 Years of Popular Music" concert. It was unbelievable!!! He is so good!!!!!

For those of you like I was a couple of years ago and have never heard of him....He is really worth investing the money to see him or purchase some of his music.

Richard is British and was born in 1949, the same year I was. He was at 18 in a folk group from London called "Fairport Convention". Sandy Denny was in this group. Later Richard and his then wife Linda Thomspon did a really good album called "Shoot Out the Lights". He has recently come out with "Sweet Warrior".

He started this concert singing a song from the 1100's. Then he uses humor and works his way up to 1890's and then intermission. Then he really rocks.

Richard played an accoustic guitar (six string) and was just incredible. The sound system at the Coronado Theater in Rockford was wailing and perfect. He played on the edge of a stage and faced backward. All 200 seats were either at tables or a row of theater seats. We, the audience faced the entire 2000 seats. He plays the guitar very very well. While he is using a pick with thumb and forefinger...he is using his last two fingers to pull the other direction on other guitar strings....WOW....it just blew me away. He played mostly 20th century songs the 2nd half. He concluded with a Beatles Medley of 3 very early tunes:

Hold Me Tight....There's a Place ....I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

Each song lead into the next and it really worked well. He did some Gilbert and Sullivan, Jerry Lee Lewis, Julie London was done by one of the women who played keyboard (other one played drums and she rocked!!). He did a song about Trafalgar Square and one written by King Richard the Lion Hearted. He had a huge screen throwing slides up on it. He did some Abba Song about Money. Said he was a closet Abba fan.

A great song he did by the Easybeats (Australian) was "I Got Friday on My Mind"...You know it goes......Gonna have fun in the city...even my girl looks so pretty..

He is appearing Sat. Feb 9 in a Chicago suburb called Shaumberg. His website is:


Go see him. You will not be disappointed. He really rocks. What an exquisite and inspiring guitarist and performer!!!!!


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Another side note about Richard Thompson. He started talking about a group in North London that played for his youth club all the time. They had a couple of brothers who were very good and their band was "The Ravens". Later they changed it to The Kinks and Ray Davies and his brother...cannot recall his name...(really bad I know)wrote a song made by an inspiration in India. Something about the sea. It was a really good song.

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I'm a long-time fan of Richard Thompson. I've seen him more than a dozen times over the years. A great guitar player as well as songwriter.

I've never left a concert of his disappointed.

He and Tim Finn(Split Enz/Crowded House) wrote the song "Persuasion". If you haven't heard that one, you really should.


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I've heard many good things about Richard, but for some reason or other, I have never seen his concerts or have any of his recordings. But now I've got to break down and check his stuff out.

Fairport Convention is one of those bands that didn't sell that much, but had influnce on others.

Sandy Denny sang the second vocal on "The Battle of Evermore"(on Led Zeppelin IV).

And Ian Matthews was also a member of Fairport Convention at one time...

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