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Upcoming US Searchers Shows, New Hollies CD


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I just learned that The Searchers are once again gracing the US of A with their presence this July...they're playing at least 6 shows, with possibly 2 more to be announced, from 7/13 to 7/22. These are the original Searchers (as opposed to Mike Pender's Searchers), although John McNally's the only original member left. (Frank Allen's been with the band about 35 years, so he's almost an original as well). They're better than ever live....they still do the killer harmonies, Needles & Pins, When You Walk In The Room, Love POtion #9, etc. I'm going to try to catch them in Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Casino) on 7/14, and The Cutting Room in NYC on 7/15. The last 2 shows will be out west - Sacramento on 7/20, Las Vegas on 7/22. If anyone wants to hear what they sound like now, email me off-line (The Searchers sell fan club-recorded live CDs, only available at their shows). I last saw them in Annapolis in June 2004. A great live act!

A huge surprise for me - at a Tower Records tonight, I found a brand new Hollies CD!!! Just released in the UK, it's called "Staying Power" -their first new studio album in 23 years. Only Tony Hicks and Bobby Elliott remain from the old band. Their new singer (replaced Carl Wayne of The Move, who fronted the Hollies throughout the 90s, but passed away in 2004) is a guy named Peter Howarth, and their new Graham Nash (high harmonies) is Steve Lauri. They still have exquisite 3 part harmonies (Howarth/Lauri/Hicks) which, while not sounding like Clarke/Nash/Hicks, are great on their own. Shimmering, glistening power pop (with more emphasis on the pop) in the best Hollies tradition.....a much better album than I would have guessed or hoped for. A lot of the songs were written or co-written by Rob Davis (formerly of Mudd, Hollies' bassist Ray Stiles' old band), who's written several of Kylie Minogue's hits. Well worth getting, although it's very pricey, being just available via import so far.

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dan-there is a Hollies Reunion Live album from about 2003-4 with Nash and them doing the "Stop...'" single.The concert itself is from the 80's from a theme park in Cincinatti.The singing is great-especially Clarke.E-mail me if you would like more info.-Ira.

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I can't get excited about these "reunions" with one or two of the original members. IMO, without the original members...or at least some that were in the band while they were active, it is like seeing a cover band. Kind of like the "new" Cars. I don't want to see Todd Rundgren singing "Just What I Needed". That's Benjamin Orr's (RIP) song. Just as I don't want to see Joey Molland singing "Day After Day" or "Baby Blue". I wouldn't want to see a Raspberries reunion without the full band. Just my opinion.

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