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Could Have Been A Contender


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This thread is dedicated to artists (old or new) who have disappeared from the general public's attention, or that just didn't have the momentum or backing to reach mass appeal. In other words, artists that deserve(d) better:

1. Raspberries

2. Badfinger

3. Dwight Twilley

4. Marshall Crenshaw

5. Venice

6. AJ Croce

I'm sure that you've got many others to add.


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Originally posted by Brioohs:

Kevin Gilbert

Great call! His solo and Toy Matinee are brilliant (The solo stuff can get pretty dark, though.)


Indeed and agreed. To further clarify (per Marv's request), Kevin is probably best known for his work on Sheryl Crow's "Tuesday Night Music Club," and in fact brought her into the "Club" as they were an item at the time. (Sheryl also played keyboards in a short-lived live lineup of Toy Matinee. A recording from The Roxy does exist and is intended to eventually be released by Gilbert's estate.)

Kevin's manager was Jon Rubin (of The Rubinoos), and Jon is now executor of Kevin's estate. Sadly, Kevin died ten years ago, just before he had a shot at replacing Phil Collins in Genesis. (There's a legendary unauthorized live recording of Gilbert performing "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" with a version of his band Giraffe.)

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It all depends on your definition of "made his mark" as a songwriter. Yes, he(Jimmy Webb) had some very big hits and was very prolific in the late 60's...but I am not sure that in the general public he is that well known. Sure...among individuals who study this stuff and eat, sleep and breathe it ....he is huge .....but that is not always true for the average person. This is just my opinion and it is unscientific but...I guess we will just have to agree to disagree.


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I think a lot of people here would like Kevin Gilbert's Toy Matinee album/project. Not exactly classically defined power pop but not a million miles away either... brilliant lyrics, great songwriting/performance/production... they should have been huge. Then Nirvana hit shortly after and those kinds of talents were rendered moot by the music buying masses who suddenly

didn't want anybody who would actually stoop as low as tuning their guitars...

...or something like that.

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This site carries the Gilbert material that has been posthumously released by his estate. While it is one of the most amazing albums I've ever heard, a word of warning for those that may be offended by language in regard to "The Shaming Of The True."

Also look for the self-titled album by Toy Matinee. There are three versions, the original on Reprise, and a "special edition" released 10 years later with bonus material. The third version is a DTS 5.1 surround mix on DVD-Audio. I have to agree with Paul that this is probably the "easiest" way to get into Kevin, and you may be familiar with the songs "Last Plane Out" and "The Ballad Of Jenny Ledge" as they both got decent FM airplay back in the day (1990).

Also look for Kevin's first solo album "Thud," especially if you can get it with the bonus EP that contains a cover of Led Zep's "Kashmir."

Also there are lots of samples of his music at the KG website: http://www.kevingilbert.com

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How about Bob Allen's favourite, the Pernice Brothers?

Marv [/QB]

& mine too. easily hands down the best artist (Joe Pernice) of the 00s'.... he continues to grow... "Live A Little" (the new CD is a masterpiece)

also Bob Allen's brother Tommy's band The Flashcubes, although, I would say that Screen Test (the Flashcubes minus Paul Armstrong) were THE band (in 1981-1982) that was AMAZING in peak form... and should've been signed & released that one GREAT album during the heyday....



Ed Harcourt

Marjorie Fair

Trashcan Sinatras

Mood Six

Jon Brion


Smart Brown Handbag

Dirty Looks


Van Duren

Aluminum Group

The Blakes/ Readymade Breakup

Hamell On Trial

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