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Cover Band Sells out Faster than Real Deal!!

Billy K.

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A funny thing is happening in Seattle. A Bruce Springsteen cover/tribute band has recently sold out a show, on the coattails of the announcement that the Boss was touring.

But the REAL Springsteen concert still has lots of tickets available, despite being on sale for almost two months....in contrast to other cities, where there is next to nothing left.

Go figure!!

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Oh, heck yeah, the numbers as far as ticket prices and venues are totally different.

But, when I lived in California, you would not be able to get tickets to see the Boss unless you bought them the first or second day.

Not so much the fact that "cover" show sold out(just decided to throw that in), but it amazes me, that at this time, you can still get tickets to see Springsteen in Seattle.

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