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Yes 'does a Journey'


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Apparently Yes is the latest band to pluck its new lead singer from a tribute band ... the prog-rock veterans have reportedly chosen Benoit David, who sings with Quebec-based (that's right, Marvin--a Canadian!) tribute band Close to the Edge (www.ctte.net) to sing on the band's upcoming fall tour, with Rick Wakeman's son Oliver on keyboards joining Steve Howe, Chris Squire and Alan White.

Yes was supposed to tour this summer, but that was scrapped when Jon Anderson had a life-threatening asthma attack. He's apparently left the band, or been canned, depending, I guess, on who you ask, and the band has opted to carry on.

You can check out Benoit David (not to be confused with jazz pianist David Benoit) singing with Close to the Edge here:


Full details on the Yes saga at:



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Why am I not suprised that a singer from Quebec was chosen? Quebec has put acts like Yes and their other 'progressive' rock brethren like Genesis, Gentle Giant, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, etc, on the top of the charts since the very early 1970's. These acts can still sell out an arena in Quebec.

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True, Billy K ... also reminiscent of the Dennis DeYoung/Styx situation (DDY's nerve condition made him sensitive to stage lighting, so he was replaced by a ... Canadian! Lawrence Gowan), as well as Journey (Steve Perry needed hip replacement, held off on getting it, enter Steve Augeri).

In the Styx and Journey cases, I 'spect the health situations gave the bands an opening to cut ties with someone they wanted out anyway. Big rifts between Shaw/JY and DDY as well as Schon/Cain vs. Perry.

I don't think the surviving Doors were getting along too well either when Ray and Robbie hit the road as Doors of 21st Century and started getting sued by Densmore.

Doesn't seem like that was the case with Yes. They were going to do shows this summer. In the official announcement, released today, Chris Squire referred to Benoit David as an "understudy" and mentioned the possibility of JA coming back at some point.

Here's the official story:



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