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Kyle Vincent At My House

Last Dance Lisa

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It's a house concert. It's a party! Everyone is invited! I realize that the closest active board member is over 150 miles away, but wanted to make sure to extend a personal invitation to all. KV is doing three shows in Vancouver on Sept 16th and 17th. Two house concerts and he is performing at the Peace and Justice Fair at a park downtown. Very cool!

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Lisa, Jay - that was a fun time at your place Saturday night. The music, the food, the laughs - it was a fantastic evening! To say Kyle is a great talent is by no means an understatement. He's well worth driving the distance to hear - and up close right in the living room? Doesn't get any better. Everyone who couldn't make it missed out.

And Muzza - I could've used that convoy. Gotta love the GPS. I originally named her Julia because her British dialect reminded me of JuliaAllByMyself, but then she told me to turn left into a shopping center and right into the woods. She is not a Julia!!! arrgh She now has an American dialect and her new name is Jessica (as in Simpson) until I have time to re-install the mapping system.

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What an experience! To sit in your own livingroom, with friends and family that appreciate good music and have a great performer do an intimate, live show just for us! My sis-in-law Jan works for Portland Sound and Lighting and set us up with some sweet equipment and lighting that really enhanced the experience. Kyle played original music and has a great voice. He put on a great show for us. He is quite personable and hung out with everyone for awhile afterwards. If more people "got it" I know the turnout would have been better. For anybody thinking about doing something like this, I highly recommend it. I just suggest that you invite at least 5 times the people that you would expect to show. More Kyle for us though. What an experience. I would do it again! Thanks Mel for coming. It has been so nice getting to know you better! Thanks Jay for busting your butt getting the house ready for this. Thanks Kyle for providing this opportunity for music fans. What a party!!!

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