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1 Happy & 1 Sad. & 1 Eric Tune


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I'd be curious to have my friends on the board pick just ONE! song that always makes them happy and wanna move...and just ONE! wistful tune that ALWAYS gets to'em...and ONE! Eric tune (Happy or Sad) that they never cease to enjoy.

It's My game so I go first....

Happy!-"Dance,Dance,Dance"..(The Beat's really hot.)-The Beach Boys.(The ultimate workout song.)

Sad-"Even Now"-Barry Manilow".-The one love that wasn't meant to be...but still matters.

Eric Song-"Never Gonna Fall In Love Again".

Now it's your turn. happy -Ira.

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Ira, can't pick just one!


I Wanna Be With You (Raspberries) but also

Nothin' Ever Happens Round Here (Chris de Burgh &

When My Baby Smiles At Me (I go to Rio) because I once had a bit too much to drink and got lost in Middletown, NY but just couldn't get that song out of my head. I was singing it when my band found me...


Devil and the Deep Blue Sea--it just brings me to tears

Second Avenue (Tim Moore) runs a close second, tied with

So Close (Jake Holmes)


She Remembered--I adore it! My favorite.

Well, this turned out to be mostly about Eric and Raspberries, but I guess their music brings me the most pleasure of any. Great topic, though!

smile --Darlene

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Whoa Darlene....... "Second Avenue " was always an emotional one for me. I totally forgot about that song.

happy: "Crocodile Rock" - EJ, "Happy Together" - Turtles, "S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night" - BC Rollers. "DayDream Believer" - Monkees

Sad: "Boats Against The Current" - EC, "The Way We Used To Be" - EC, "The Long & Winding Road" - Fab 4, "The Last Song" - Elton

Athletically Motivated: "Marathon Man" - EC, "Rock N Roll" - Led Zep, "Eye Of The Tiger" - Survivor


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Happy...'I'm So Excited(Pointer Sisters),Cherry Baby (Starz), "Yellow Submarine" (Beatles).

Sad..."Seasons in the Sun"(Terry Jacks), "Sounds of Silence"(Simon & Garfunkel), "Please Don't Go"-Kc & The Sunshine Band,

Eric Happy: "Hey Deanie"

Eric Sad: "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again"

I don't know about the rest of you but for me it's easier to name the sad songs.

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"Makes me feel better" - (non 'Berries/non EC - limiting myself on purpose) "New York City Rhythm", "Beautiful Music", KC & the Sunshine Band (yes, I really do have a concession to disco) and countless others

Wistful/Sad - (again, non/non - and again narrowing the category on purpose) "Questions 67 and 68", "Lay Me Down", "Trying To Get The Feeling", "Love of a Lifetime" (not sad for everyone, but gets to me every time)

Eric/'Berries - "I Can Remember"

Gee, Ira - didja have to give me an excuse to mention "ICR" yet again? smile


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